New Jersey Multiple Listing Service, Inc. Your Independent Source for Real Estate Data Fri, 16 Nov 2018 13:12:25 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Cloud CMA is Now Available in XL Paragon as Value-Added Product to Our Members Fri, 12 Oct 2018 15:39:34 +0000 The NJMLS is pleased to announce that Cloud CMA, a comparative market analysis and presentation product, has been integrated into XL Paragon and is offered free of charge as a value-added product, passing along an annual savings of $349.95 to our members. It can be found under “CMA Reports” in the navigation bar, or from any search results page in the reports menu. The first time you access Cloud CMA you will be asked to complete your account profile and then enter the information you want displayed on reports, including your photo and office logo.

Cloud CMA gives users the ability to easily create attractive, customized CMA Listing Presentations, Buyer Tours, Property Reports, and Property Flyers from any device. These interactive reports may be designed and presented on a computer, notebook, tablet, or phone. Cloud CMA users will find a variety of report options, including the following:

CMA Report:  Type in the address of the subject property, press one button, and generate a complete CMA which includes:

  • Explanation of a CMA
  • Explanation of Home Values
  • Table of Comparables
  • Map of Comparables
  • Comparable Statistics for chosen market
  • Valuation Analysis
  • Sold Property Analysis
  • Helpful information for sellers about commission distribution, curb appeal, showings and Open House Checklist
  • NJMLS Member Benefits Flyer

Or you may also create your own custom CMA with properties you have selected and pick and choose the sections that display as part of the report.

Buyer Tour:  Let your buyer know what properties you will be showing them, and give them information about the neighborhood including amenities in the area by simply entering in the MLS numbers of the listings that you will be visiting:

  • Listing details and photos
  • Area school information
  • Area restaurant information with Yelp ratings
  • Tips about the home-buying process

Property Report:  Give your buyers and sellers the benefit of a detailed flyer with customized report pages. Choose how data is viewed, change color schemes and fonts and more:

  • Customize report pages to include information about schools, neighborhood information, and restaurants
  • Include area photos
  • Outline different loan scenarios

Property Flyers:  Create beautiful one-sheet flyers including photos and property description.

We will be offering webinar training on how to use Cloud CMA, stepping through how to create each of the reports and explaining many of the options.

User Preferences Mon, 13 Aug 2018 14:40:27 +0000 There are some simple ways on our member site, XL Paragon, to engage consumer attention from our public site,  Take some time to complete a few pieces of information in the User Preferences section of the Toolkit.  It will only take a few minutes and may help garner some leads.  Here are some of the highlights you may want to try, outlined according to the section in which you’ll find them in User Preferences:

Section 2
Load/Change Your Agent Photo:  If you’re only going to do one thing, upload a photo into the system.  Not only will this appear when you email a customer report to someone from XL Paragon, it will also filter over to so that consumers will know who you are.  It’s a very visual world, and when people know who they’re going to meet, for example before they’re going to an appointment, it may work in your favor.

Section 5
Accreditations:  If you took the time to get certified and trained in a special area of real estate, for example, Military Relocation, Training in Green Building Features, At Home with Diversity, Senior Residential Specialist, or the many other specialties that are available to Realtors, then let consumers know that if they need someone with your expertise, you’re available.  Choose these in this section by checking the boxes that apply; they will filter to the public site and display on your Agent Page.

Languages Spoken:  If you speak another language (or up to five) you may choose them here.  They will display on the public site and are a searchable option for consumers looking for someone who speaks their language.

Section 8
Biography and Accomplishments:  We have two sections; one where you can create a biography and another to list your accomplishments.  Both of these display on as your Agent Page.

Towns Serviced:  You may choose up to 10 towns where you specialize.  These will filter to the public site, and if a consumer is searching for an agent in one of those towns, your profile will display as part of their search results.

Periodically we offer a webinar to review the features in User Preferences.  If you’re interested,   please  call Michele Cucci at 201-387-1150, ext. 527 to put your name on a list for an upcoming session.

The Many Conveniences of ShowingTime Fri, 29 Jun 2018 22:11:47 +0000 If you’re not using ShowingTime, you’re missing out on a convenient tool which is integrated into XL Paragon; as a member of the NJMLS this is a value-added feature included free with your membership. ShowingTime is a great way to schedule and manage appointments, solicit feedback on showings, and generate feedback and showing activity for sellers, allowing you to optimize your time and help you accomplish more during your busy day.

When you list a property, it is very simple to enable ShowingTime. When you’re in Listing Maintenance and viewing your Current Listings, look in the Action menu – the option to Set Up ShowingTime is displayed. Simply click on this link to access the ShowingTime settings page. Additionally, there is a feature to enable ShowingTime globally on all your listings, giving agents added convenience when requesting showing appointments.

The convenience of using ShowingTime doesn’t end with the ability to request and schedule showing appointments. Did you know there are also features which allow you to create Activity and Showing reports, as well as send Notifications to other NJMLS member agents regarding listing activity, such as a price change?

Reports – There are several reports that can be generated from ShowingTime, including:

  • Listing Activity Report: Review all activity details for the life of the listing. Easily review feedback from showings, document open houses and display other basic information that can be shared with sellers using the Homeowner version of the report. Group emails to showing agents may be sent from here notifying them of upcoming open houses or price adjustments.
  • Showings I Have Requested: View all the appointments you have scheduled on any listings using ShowingTime.
  • Send Notifications: Send price change or other notifications to agents that have shown your listing or to all agents in your office, by going into Listing Maintenance in XL Paragon, highlighting the listing you want to send the notification on and then choosing Set up ShowingTime>Listing Activity Report>Send Notifications.

Feedback – You are able to schedule requests for feedback to go out automatically via email at specific intervals to showing agents. ShowingTime also allows you to modify the design and settings on the feedback form.

Look for subsequent articles about additional ShowingTime features, including the ShowingTime Mobile App.

Are You Using the Watch List? Tue, 06 Mar 2018 15:00:10 +0000 If your goal is to keep your eye on a single property (or properties) in XL Paragon, either by MLS # or by address, you should be using the Watch List. This feature is ideal if you are:

  • Tracking for price reduction for interested buyer, in which case you may want to add contact information for the buyer in the “notes” section so you have it readily available.
  • Watching for closing information for a potential new comp on a CMA.
  • Tracking accurate reporting information on a transaction you are involved with.
  • Tracking an off-market property that your buyer has shown interest in. Adding a property that is not listed to your Watch List adds it to a section labeled Watching for Future Listing.
  • Track activity in building complexes. Working often in named building complexes? You can set up your Watch List to notify you of listing activity in the entire complex in one simple set up.

Watch Building Complex

The Watch List link is found at the top of Full and Customer Reports. If you want to add a property to your Watch List, click on the link. You will be given the option to either Watch by Address (which allows you to continue getting alerts if the property is relisted) or to Watch by MLS Number.

To access listings saved to your Watch List, use the “New Watch List Activity” button that is found under “My Updates” on the XL Paragon Desktop or for more convenience, activate the “Email Alerts” option to receive these notifications in your inbox.

The Year in Review: 2017 Fri, 02 Feb 2018 17:30:30 +0000 There were many new enhancements and features made to the XL Paragon system in 2017. Following are some of the highlights from the year:

Mobile Friendly Customer Reports
Your clients can now view select reports — Customer Report, Customer Report with Brief Tax and History and Customer with Brief Tax — in a Mobile friendly version when accessing them from a smart phone or tablet, making it easier to view listings:

  • Read listings and see photos more easily. No more pinching and zooming to view information
  • View multiple listings on a map and listing photos in a gallery
  • Tab to view tax and history information when these report types are sent
  • View and print the original Customer Report format by clicking on ‘Printable Report’

When selecting the report types to email, an asterisk (*) denotes which reports will display the mobile friendly version. In the Sent Email Log, a link to ‘View’ appears next to these emails, letting you see what your client sees.

Hit Count Charts
Price Change: Price changes are displayed on the hit count charts. The upper chart shows the amount of the price change (increase or decrease) and the date the change occurred. The bottom chart shows the date the price change was made.


Watch List
A Building Complex may be added to your Watch List. The system will automatically watch for the same criteria it does for other properties added to your list such as a status change, first photo put on the listing, change in showing instructions, etc. but for any listing in that complex. This new feature can be found by going to Toolkit>Watch List; you may choose an area and complex name and it will be tracked whether there is a listing now or one is added in the future. A list of the complexes being watched will appear at the bottom of the Watch List screen and can be deleted at any time, which would also remove any listings being tracked from the list.

In-system Watch List Alerts
If a listing or property on your Watch List is changed while you are working in the XL Paragon system, a red alert button will pop-up in the lower left of the screen and will remain there until it is viewed. Click on the alert button, and you will be brought to the page with your saved Watch List properties. Alerts appear highlighted in yellow (changed listing) and green (new listing).

Email Alerts
A new choice has been added to menu options found in the XL Paragon Toolkit, called Alert Preferences. When checked, an email will be sent to the address we have on file to alert you that your listing is within 14 days of expiration, as well as choices to provide you with Open House Reminders and to receive an email when people sign in at an open house.

Email Alerts on Expired Listings
If a listing is in Attorney Review (ARIP status) when it expired, a message is now included in the alert letting the agent know they should contact NJMLS if the listing goes Under Contract after expiring. A link to the Full Report is also included.

Feature Groups in XL Paragon
Changes have been made to the Feature Groups section of listing load as follows:


  • Pool is no longer found in the Miscellaneous category; a new, separate Pool Features group has been created
  • Elevator has been added to Miscellaneous choices
  • Cement Board has been added to Exterior choices

Residential, 2-4 Family, Condo/Coop/Townhouse

  • New Construction/Existing Foundation and New Construction/New Foundation have been added to the Year Built/New Construction choices
  • Heating and Cooling have been separated into two different feature groups
  • Cooling choices of Multizone, Attic Fan, and Ductless options have been added

Share Your Listings on Select Social Media
Social Media links have been added to the Listing Load screen in XL Paragon, giving you the option to send your listings to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. To use this enhancement, highlight the address of your listing in your Current Listings and click on the Social Media icon. You’ll be brought to a login page for that outlet. Once that is completed, some basic listing information and the first photo will display; you’ll be able to add additional information to your post before finalizing.

Property Search

  • An option to search Pool Y/N is available in the Residential Property Search
  • Some commonly used search filters from the “Additional Criteria” drop‐down menu display in the main search box including: Pool Y/N, Fireplace, Cooling, Remarks, Map Search, and Lifestyle
  • Quick MLS Search: Street name has been added as a searchable field
  • Tax Reports: When viewing the Master, Detail, and Master with Full Reports, a checkbox is available to allow you to “Keep This Property” in your results
  • Driving Route Report: The Driving Route Reports are now being generated using the new version of Bing software, giving the user details such as the current time it will take to get to a particular property, and alternate routes
  • Map Listing Reports: The number of listings available for mapping has been increased from a maximum of 30 to 100

Tax Search
Moved some commonly used search filters from the Additional Criteria drop-down menu to the main search box, including Sale Date, Sale Amount, Tax Amount Current Year, Taxable Value, Lis Pendens, and Eliminate Currently Listed options.

Office Calendars
An option is available allowing agents to subscribe to their Office Calendar. Simply click on the link below the calendar if you are on the device where you would like calendar entries sent, or select the Email Calendar Subscription link if you would like to send the calendar updates to a phone or other device. Open the email on that device, and click the link to subscribe.

Open House Sign-In Emails
An option to unsubscribe from the Open House sign in link emails is available in Toolkit> Alert Preferences.

Two new Quick Links have been added to Contacts. The first allows you to sort your contacts by the first letter of the last name. The second gives you the ability to delete multiple contacts at the same time. A feature has also been added to create a contact group, allowing you to filter your contact list by Buyers, Sellers, or any custom group you would like to create. Go to Toolkit>Contacts>Maintain Groups. Add a Group Name and Description and submit.

New Session Icon
This icon appears at the top of the XL Paragon desktop and allows you to open a new session in another tab, so you can “multitask” without risk of losing work done in the first session.

ShowingTime: Available in the NJMLS Mobile App for Agents
NJMLS members logging into the Mobile App will now see a new Showing icon in the tool bar when viewing listing details. Plus a separate “Tax Info” tab now lets you access and view tax information more conveniently. For listings enabled with ShowingTime, clicking the Showing icon will open an appointment request window so that you can complete and submit your request. To return to the listing, close this message.
For listings not enabled with ShowingTime, a message window displays providing the phone number and email address of the listing agent so they can be contacted directly.

Link to Realtors Property Resource
A link to access data from the Realtors Property Resource (RPR) now displays on Full Reports, One-Line Search results, and One-Line Tax Search Results. This link displays as a khaki green ‘P’ on these pages.
RPR is an exclusive benefit to NAR members providing data on every property in the United States. Members can use this tool to help research property information and prepare pricing recommendations. RPR provides property valuations using publicly available information (AVM) and a more refined valuation by adding MLS information to their model (RVM).
*Please note that the first time you access this link, you will need to login to RPR but once in the site, you will be able to choose an option to stay logged in for two weeks.

Immediate Alerts for Prospects
Send your Prospects immediate email alerts so they will be notified almost instantly when new listings become available that match what they are looking for. To use this feature, when setting up a new Prospect, the interval field defaults to Immediate. To change an existing Prospect, click on the edit button (E), change the interval field, then save your change.

Prospecting Options Page
This page has been redesigned with a clean, dashboard format and sections have been reformatted with common items grouped together. The “Mail All Current Matches” option has been removed from this page; a pop-up message prompting you to make this choice will appear when saving a new Prospect.

Changes to Client Connect
Offer your customers the ability to run and save a simple property search in their Client Connect Page. You control this by turning on the Enable Property Search option on the set-up screen when you create a Prospect, or at the top of the Run Matches screen to add to Prospects that are already saved. Prospects will be informed of this new feature when you enable it for them. When your customer saves a search, you will receive an email that lists the search criteria they have saved.


  • When running Statistics by Agent for the Market Share, Office/Company Share, Statistics, Market Trends, and Comparative Reports, the value of the unit and total Dollar value will be halved if the agent is a co‐listing or co‐selling agent.
  • When running Statistics by Agent/Office or Company, a row has been added to tabulate the Total Solds


End of Showing Notification
If you are set up to receive showing notifications, you will automatically receive End of Showing notifications as well.

Maintaining the Integrity of the NJMLS Data Mon, 28 Aug 2017 16:10:31 +0000 If you’re relying on statistics to keep up to date on market trends and conditions, or you’re compiling listings for comparables to send to customers to assist them in buying or selling a home, you depend on the data you retrieve from XL Paragon.  This data comes from the information you provide when entering and managing your listings, so it is very important that this is timely and complies with the guidelines the NJMLS provides for you in our Rules and Regulations regarding putting listings into the system and status changes.

As a reminder, most of these follow the “24 Hour Rule.”  Although we don’t formally call it that, it’s an easy way to remember how long you have to complete certain tasks.  Basically, you have 24 hours from the time you have fully executed paperwork (all owners on the deed and your broker must sign) to:

  • Enter a listing into XL Paragon
  • Withdraw a listing from the system
  • Extend a listing (up to midnight on the date of expiration)
  • Make a price change

These two changes do not require paperwork but they do need to be made in the system within 24 hours:

  • Change the status of a listing from Active to Attorney Review in Progress (ARIP)
  • Change the status of a listing from ARIP to Under Contract (UC)

The one change that does not follow this rule is marking a listing from Under Contract to Sold.  We allow seven calendar days from the time of closing to make this change in the system.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please call us or refer to the NJMLS Rules and Regulations, which can be found in the Toolkit in XL Paragon.

Using zipForm® Plus just got easier! Fri, 21 Apr 2017 15:59:01 +0000 We are pleased to let you know NJMLS is providing our members with an upgrade to the zipForm® Plus transaction management service available through NJ Realtors. NJMLS members now have the MLS-PUSH feature that lets you push data directly from a listing in XL Paragon to a zipForm® transaction. Plus, you’ll have the convenience of Single Sign-On integration so you are automatically logged in when you go from our XL Paragon system to the zipForm® Plus site. This time-saving solution lets you quickly auto populate contracts/forms and gives you a streamlined experience when navigating between systems.

To initiate the process, simply click on the “Start Contract” link located at the top of all Full Reports. The first time you do, you will see an interim screen that prompts you to buy what is normally a fee based service.  Since NJMLS is providing this service to our members FREE of charge, just click on the “BUY” button and you will be brought straight into zipForms to start your contract. After this, you should no longer see this interim screen.

Only after you complete this initial process you will also be able to use the zipFormMLS-Connect® option on the zipForm site which lets you enter an NJMLS number and pull the listing data directly from XL Paragon.  So no matter which site you’re on, XL Paragon or zipForm, you can populate contracts and forms with NJMLS listing data quickly and easily!

Engage Your Prospects with Client Connect Fri, 21 Apr 2017 06:00:27 +0000 There is a new feature in Prospects that lets you offer your customers the ability to run and save a simple property search in their Client Connect Prospect Page. Here’s how it works:

You control the option: A new option labeled “Enable Property Search” will appear on the “Set-Up” screen when you create a new Prospect, and will also appear at the top of the “Run Matches” screen to allow you to add the feature to any of your current Prospects.

Your prospects are informed: The first time your customers go to their Client Connect Prospect Page after you turn on this option, they will see an alert explaining the new feature which allows them to run a simple property search based on limited criteria. When they save a search, a message will let them know you will be notified of their additional interests.

You are kept in the loop: After your customers save a search, you will receive an email that lists the search criteria they have saved. This gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers by suggesting you set up their additional search to generate email alerts when there are new matches.

For more information on the changes to Client Connect, please click on the link below:

NJMLS Support Hours Fri, 17 Feb 2017 19:04:12 +0000 As a reminder, NJMLS office hours are as follows:

Haworth: Monday through Friday
160 Terrace St., 2nd Floor
9:00am – 5:00pm (walk-in)
5:00pm – 7:00pm (by appointment)

Lyndhurst: Monday through Wednesday
1099 Wall Street West, Suite 352
9:00am – 5:00pm*
*closed for lunch from 12:00pm – 1:00pm

After hours technical support is available as follows:

Monday through Friday 5:00pm – 7:00pm (in our Haworth office, by appointment only)
Saturday** 9:00am – 3:00pm (phone support)
Sunday and holidays** 9:00am – 12:00pm (phone support)

**When after-hours assistance by phone is needed, please call 201-387-1150 and follow the prompts to leave a message in the on call technical support voicemail. The support team member who is on call will return your call as quickly as possible, within the hours listed above. If you leave a message during these hours in the general voicemail, the call may not be returned until the following business day.

ShowingTime is now available in the NJMLS Mobile App for Agents Fri, 13 Jan 2017 19:14:05 +0000 NJMLS members logging into the Mobile App will now see a new “Showing” icon in the tool bar when viewing listing details. Plus a separate “Tax Info” tab now lets you access and view tax information more conveniently.

Showing and Tax in App

For listings enabled with ShowingTime, clicking the “Showing” icon will open an appointment request window so that you can complete and submit your request. To return to the listing, close this message.

ShowingTime in App

For listings not enabled with ShowingTime, a message window displays providing the phone number and email address of the listing agent so they can be contacted directly.