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Mission Statement

To foster cooperation between REALTOR® members while providing the highest quality data, tools, technology, and service.

2017 NJMLS Board of Directors and Officers

Please join us in welcoming, and welcoming back, the 2017 NJMLS Board of Directors and alternates:


Annekee Brahver-Keely, President
Eileen O'Driscoll, Vice President
Bill Gilsenan, Treasurer

Dorothea Bello
Mary Davis
Randy Douglass
Glenn Elliot
John Falcone
Dave Fanale
Jorge Ledesma
MK Lim
Marc Stein
Christopher Tausch
Randy Wine

Gene Amsel
Larry Gruber
Please see end of this newsletter for a recap of the many new enhancements made in 2016.

ShowingTime Available in the NJMLS Mobile App

NJMLS members logging into the Mobile App will now see a new Showing icon in the tool bar when viewing listing details.  A new, separate Tax Info tab now lets you access and view tax information more conveniently.

For listings enabled with ShowingTime, clicking the Showing icon will open an appointment request window so that you can complete and submit your request.  To return to the listing, close this message. 
For listings not enabled with ShowingTime, a message window displays, providing the phone number and email address of the listing agent so they can be contacted directly.
Are You Using the ShowingTime Listing Activity Report?

The ShowingTime Listing Activity Report allows you to review all activity details for the life of each of your enabled listings.  You can easily review feedback from showings, document open houses, advertisements, or other events, and display basic information that can be printed and shared with your sellers. 

The Agent Version will display:
  • Showing Agent Information (name, office, and contact information)
  • Unpublished Feedback (feedback not made available to the homeowner)
  • Feedback management and appointment details links
  • The Snapshot which includes a brief overview of your listing including basic listing information, MLS status, and showing statistics
  • Appointments per week is a simple bar graph displaying showing activity in per week increments
  • Feedback at a Glance allows the listing agent to dynamically see all feedback responses per question in a pie chart format
  • Feedback Responses is the basic view of all showing feedback. 
The Homeowner version will not display Showing Agent information or unpublished feedback.

Manually add showing information for appointments that weren't scheduled through ShowingTime:
  • Click on the Add Activity button located on the left side of the screen
  • Select the type of activity you want to add to the report
  • Choose the date and time range of the activity
  • If it is activity involving a specific agent, type in the agent’s name or search for that agent
  • Add any applicable notes
  • Click Save and the activity will be added to your report

NJMLS Focus Groups

In 2017, the NJMLS will be creating focus groups to discuss potential new enhancements and tools.  If you are interested in participating, please send your name, email address, and cell phone number to Alyson@njmls.com so that we may contact you directly about taking part in one of these groups. 

Change of Status and Withdrawal Forms

The NJMLS Board of Directors has approved a policy change which became effective January 1st, 2017.  Signed Change of Status and Withdrawal forms no longer need to be submitted to us, but listing offices must retain copies for their records.

The Rules and Regulations have been modified to reflect this change:

Section 1.4
Change of Status of Listing
Any change in listed price, or change of terms in original listing agreement shall be made only when authorized in writing by the owner and shall be input into the computer system within twenty-four (24) hours.  The Multiple Listing Service reserves the right to request a copy of the Participant’s change of status form. If NJMLS requests submission of form, it must be submitted to NJMLS within 24 hours or a $150 fine will be issued.

Section 1.5
Withdrawal of Listing
Listed property may be withdrawn from the Service by the listing broker before the expiration date of the listing agreement. The withdrawal shall be input into the computer system within twenty-four (24) hours. The Multiple Listing Service reserves the right to request a copy of the Participant’s withdrawal form. If NJMLS requests submission of form, it must be submitted to NJMLS within 24 hours or a $150 fine will be issued.



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Creating Mailing Labels in Realist Using Shape Tools

The Realist Map enhances your searches by allowing you to visually see the results of your search and zoom in to actual views of the property and its surrounding location.  The drawing tools let you work directly on the Map to refine and enhance the area you are looking at.

Enhancing Searches with the Shape Tools
The shape tools allow you to draw a circle, rectangle, or polygon around an area on the Map and then search within that shape.

To Draw a Shape
  1. Find the location on the Map you would like to work with or zoom in to the preferred region.
  2. On the Drawing Tools toolbar, click the type of shape you would like to draw.
  3. Once you have drawn your desired search area, you can further refine your search using the criteria to the left of the map.  Click the Search button at the bottom left to run your search.

To Create Mailing Labels
  1. On the Search Results Grid under the map, make sure all properties you want to include are selected.
  2. Click the Create Labels button under the grid.
  3. When the Print Labels window opens, select the type of Avery label you will be using and any other options desired.
  4. Click Create.  An RTF file containing the mailing labels is created.
As a reminder, you may utilize up to 7000 records maximum per month. 
Changes to Our Public Site, NJMLS.com 

During 2016, we made some changes to our public sites, NJMLS.com and the Consumer Mobile version.  

Full Site:  
  • New homepage design
  • Larger listing photos
  • Redesigned “Photo View” results screen with 30 results per page
  • The ability to search for Under Contract listings in addition to Sold listings
  • Link to an agent’s Sold/Leased listings for the past 3 years added on the Listing Detail Page, Agent Profile Page, and Agent Search Results

Mobile Site
  • New homepage design to match the full site
  • Simplified navigation
  • Ability to search for Under Contract and Sold listings
  • Option to search by GPS location added to the home screen
Branded Tours Used in Syndication

Branded virtual tours may be added as a third media option to be used on listings sent to syndicated sites only, if the office is set up to syndicate through the NJMLS.  This new option is found on the Add Virtual Tour screen available in Listing Maintenance.  Unbranded virtual tours are still required for display in XL Paragon listing reports, especially customer reports.
Monthly Stats

2016 Year-End


All Residential

All Areas


% increase vs. 2015


Total Sold




Median Sale Price



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2017 IDX Solution Options and Billing Information

Following are the IDX options and fees for 2017.  Please note that the monthly maintenance fee for the RETS Data Feed has been reduced:

Option A
Smart Frame

1st Website Address (URL) - $50.00 set up fee; $19.95/month maintenance
Option B
RETS Data Feed

1st Website Address (URL) - $300.00 set up fee; $20.00/month maintenance

Not familiar with IDX?  We are offering a workshop this month where you can learn more about these IDX options.  Sign up for this using the Register for NJMLS Classes link in XL Paragon or give us a call at 201-387-1150 for assistance.
IDX/Introduction to Social Media
January 31st     2:00pm – 4:00pm in our Lyndhurst office

Supra Authorization Codes

Attention Supra eKEY Users:

If you are using an eKEY, you can now request an authorization code from within the eKEY app, and will no longer need to call the NJMLS when, for example, you move your service to a new phone.
To obtain an eKEY authorization code from Mobile SupraWEB, use the following steps PRIOR TO CLEARING YOUR OLD PHONE:
  1. Select the SupraWEB icon from within the eKEY app (on the 2nd page of icons), or navigate to supraweb.suprakim.com on your smartphone.
  2. Enter eKEY serial number. The eKEY serial number is found at the top of the eKEY home screen.
  3. Enter the 4-digit PIN.
  4. Select the Association/MLS from the dropdown list.
  5. Select Login.
  6. Select Authorization Code.
  7. The authorization code will be emailed to the email address on file in SupraNET.

You now have the option to query and report on NJMLS data with BrokerMetrics® and AgentMetrics®, the advanced analytics tools from Terradatum that can help you stay on top of market trends and on target with your business goals. Plus, NJMLS members can enjoy special savings


Limited Time Offer: NJMLS has partnered with Terradatum to offer SIX months of BrokerMetrics free with a signed 12-month agreement.

For more information, please call 888-212-4793, extension 2 or use the link below to request additional details:



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Using NJMLS Sold Data in Your Advertising

Just a reminder that the NJMLS requires members to observe the following rule relating to advertising using “sold” listing data obtained from the NJMLS:
When advertising sold listings, you must include the listing office’s name and selling office’s name unless you or your office were involved in either side of the transaction. 
The existing disclaimer, “properties featured were listed and sold by various Participants of the NJMLS between (date) and (date)”, must continue to be used unless you listed and sold all properties advertised.

The rule applies to all forms of advertising which includes, but is not limited to, direct mail, print ads, website displays, signage, flyers, etc. 

NJMLS Phone Support Hours

The NJMLS strives to make your support experience with us as convenient and simple as possible. 
As a reminder, our office hours are as follows:
Haworth   Monday through Friday
9:00am - 5:00pm (walk-in)
5:00pm - 7:00pm (by appointment)

Lyndhurst   Monday through Wednesday
9:00am - 5:00pm
*closed for lunch from 12:00pm - 1:00pm

After hours technical support** is available as follows:
Monday through Friday    5:00pm - 7:00pm
Saturday                              9:00am - 3:00pm
Sunday and holidays        9:00am - 12:00pm

**When after hours assistance by phone is needed, please call 201-387-1150 and follow the prompts to leave a message in the on call technical support voicemail.  The support team member who is on call will return your call as quickly as possible, within the hours listed above.  If you leave a message during these hours in the general voicemail, the call may not be returned until the following business day. 


2016:  The Year in Review/Enhancements Wrap-Up

We have introduced many new enhancements and features in XL Paragon in 2016:

Quick links to the Office Active Inventory and Office Tours/Open Houses are available.
Statistical Reports
Statistical reports are now all in one convenient location on the Toolbar with added features to make it even easier to run reports.  These include:
  • Easy view library format for NJMLS monthly and quarterly reports.
  • New features added to statistical report screens making it easier to run reports including a description of reports and sample report; the ability to quickly add and save criteria with new options such as Last, Clear, Save As/Set Up Auto Email, and Saved Criteria, and a more organized layout with less frequently used criteria found under “More Options.”
  • The Statistics report now displays the Months of Inventory allowing you to see the number of months it will take to deplete the active inventory for the selected criteria.
  • Agents may now save criteria and schedule automatic emails to themselves based on this saved set of criteria, to be received for the previous month, after the 8th of the current month, on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. 
Prospecting and Client Connect
  • Customers are now receiving Prospect emails in a new user-friendly, dashboard format, making it easy for your clients to view listings and collaborate with you.
  • Agent Picks:  When a listing is sent to Client Connect as an Agent Pick, it appears in the New Agent Picks bucket in the “Updates” section, and is labeled “Agent Pick” on the photo.
  • Favorites:  Something that was marked as a “Favorite” may now be unmarked.
  • Detail View Map:  Ability to zoom in and out has been added.
  • Mobile Detail View:  A view of the listing on a map has been added.
  • Brief Tax Information:   Additional tax information is available by option to display on the detail report .
  • Estimated Payment Calculator has been added to the Detail Page.
  • Virtual Tour Links have been added to the Detail Page. 
A feature that allows reordering of the reports selected to send in a CMA is available, in addition to the option to save those choices as a default report.  Binoculars appear next to each report type, giving you a sample of what each looks like.
The Bing Maps in XL Paragon (in listings, tax search, CMA, etc.) have been upgraded to Version 8 which provides enhanced mapping features including Road (standard view), Aerial (detailed look from above), and Streetside (eye-level) views.  Menu options allow you to plot schools, amenities, local businesses, and more on the map. 
Map Search
The new Map Search features a larger, interactive map and allows searching for properties by drawing a shape on the map and/or by using other filters.  Some of the new features of the Map Search include:
  • CMA presentation link:  After choosing listings from your search results, use the “presentation” icon in the Action menu to connect quickly to a CMA and expedite creation of the report.
  • Map layers:  Use this option to show parcel lines, postal codes, and city and county boundaries.  When zoomed in on parcel view, click to display lot dimensions and select tax information. 
  • Add to Prospect Agent Picks appears at the top of the Full Report.
  • Paginated Reports when viewing the detail listing, history, or tax reports.
Inventory Search
Date Range Menu Options:  These have been added next to each status as an alternative to entering a physical date range when running Listing Inventory.
Street Search
When searching for a single property address and no current listings are found, a message appears suggesting that address be added to the Watch List. 
Watch List
  • Email Alerts:  Agents may choose to be alerted via email regarding changes flagged by the Watch List.
  • First photo:  Agents are alerted when first photo has been added to a listing on their Watch List.
  • Showing Instructions:  Agents are alerted when changes are made to Showing Instructions. 
Customer with Brief Tax Report:  This report has been enhanced to include new fields which display when this information is available in the tax records:
  • Approximate Building Square Footage
  • Approximate Land Square Footage
  • Approximate Land Description
  • Approximate Acres
  • Zoning
  • Year Built
  • Number of stories
  • Exterior Description
  • Parking
Customer with Brief Tax and History report is available.
REC License ID Added:  For ease in completing Contracts of Sale, the Real Estate Commission’s License ID has been added to Agent and Office rosters. 
  • Office Hotsheets:  When making a change on a listing which will trigger a fine, the broker, admin and listing agent (of that property) will be flagged and notified that a fine may be imposed.
  • Alert on Relisted Properties:  When running a Hotsheet for Withdrawn or Expired listings the system will display the new MLS# if the property has since been relisted. 
 Listing Maintenance
  • Agreement Type Selection:  The EA (Yes/No) field in listing load has been replaced with a new field labeled Agreement Type.  A selection of either Exclusive Right to Sell or Exclusive Agency must be made when loading a new listing or modifying an existing listing.  A description is included for each agreement type. 
  • Reporting Listing as ARIP:  When reporting a listing in Attorney Review, the name of the selling agent/office is required to be entered. 
  • Rentals/Reporting Lease Term:  When reporting a property leased, you may enter the lease term for the number of months if it is less than one year.
  • Easements and Assessments:  Due to the inclusion of Municipal Assessments in NJ Realtors' Sales Contracts, modifications were made in Listing Maintenance requiring this information when adding or modifying a listing in the residential categories.  Within the Residential and 2-4 family categories, what was previously one field labeled “Easements/Assessments”, is now two separate field as follows:
                    - Easements with options None Known, Other/See Remarks, Survey (per), Deed (per)
                    - Municipal Assessments with options Yes, None Known

(In the Condo/Coop/Townhouse category, the Easements and Assessments field remains unchanged.  A new field was added for Municipal Assessments with the options Yes/None Known).
  • Contract Owner:  If Contract Owner is selected in the Ownership feature group, a definition of that ownership type displays, as well as a message asking the Listing Agent to confirm that they are certain this is the ownership they intended to choose. 
  • Syndication:  When an office syndicates listings via the NJMLS, copy displays in the Internet Options field, listing which sites the Broker has opted to syndicate to.
  • Correct Original Price:  Listing agents may correct the original price on their listings within 24 hours of entering it into the system. 
  • Unit Number:  The system now allows you to enter a unit number on a rental, condo, coop or townhouse if it is forgotten when the listing is entered into the system, without having to call the NJMLS for assistance. 
  • Modify Selling Agent:  Listing agents can modify a Selling agent if they have put their own ID or an outside agent (9999) in error. 

New Syndication Options
Open House details are now included in listings the NJMLS sends to Realtor.com, Zillow and Trulia.  For offices that have chosen to syndicate their listings through the NJMLS, agents no longer have to enter open house information directly on these sites.  Open House dates and times entered in listings on XL Paragon will now be included in the data sent to these websites.
Remote Support:  This item has been added to the bottom of the Toolkit menu, and opens a sub menu with a link to staff members who are able to connect remotely with agents. 
Broker Tools
  • Custom Office Fields:  A broker may add custom fields to collect additional listing data from their agents and make it available to back office feeds.  Please contact the NJMLS to set up this option.
  • Office Hotsheet Fine Alerts:  When viewing the Office Hotsheet, if a fine was incurred, there will be an alert and a link explaining why and a way to report to billing any misinformation if necessary.
  • Manage Office Roster:  Ability for a broker to Temporarily Suspend an agent for non-payment or to Remove from Roster immediately or for the next billing cycle.
Welcome to Our New Member Offices

We welcome the following new offices and Designated Realtors to the New Jersey Multiple Listing Service:

Bergen County
RE/MAX Signature Homes
in Closter and Designated Realtor, Doreen Darquea
Accendo Properties, LLC in Edgewater and Designated Realtor, Albert Garcia
Blueline Realty Group, LLC in Hackensack and Designated Realtor, Alex Ferenczi Jr.
TLX Properties, LLC in Alpine and Designated Realtor, Thomas Lee

Coldwell Banker Garden State Homes, LLC in Fair Lawn and Designated Realtor,               David Quinones, Jr.
Terrie O'Connor Realtors in Franklin Lakes and Designated Realtor, Gregory Earnshaw

Essex County
Aulita Realty in Fairfield and Designated Realtor, Anthony Aulita
Rosa Agency-Ironbound, LLC in Newark and Designated Realtor, James Rosa

Passaic County
A New Day Realty, LLC in Prospect Park and Designated Realtor, Julio Diaz

Hudson County
Oxford Property Group, LLC in Hoboken and Designated Realtor, Adam Mahfouda
Keller Williams City Life, JC Realty in Jersey City and Designated Realtor, Carmine Simmons
Eagle Nest Real Estate, LLC in Jersey City and Designated Realtor, Emil Sours

Camden County
Lichtman Associates Real Estate in Cherry Hill and Designated Realtor, Sandra Lichtman

Monmouth County
Maximillion Lavin Realty in Holmdel and Designated Realtor, Jeanne Lavin

Morris County
NextMovz Realty, LLC in Morris and Designated Realtor, Marlo Crawley
Realty Executives Exceptional in Butler and Designated Realtor, Diane Gelfand

Sussex County
Green Team New Jersey Realty in Vernon and Designated Realtor, Geoffrey Green

Union County
Mesina Realty Group in Westfield and Designated Realtor, Mesina Rutstein

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