The Help Desk:  Registering for NJMLS Classes

The Help Desk: Registering for NJMLS Classes

Posted on 24. Sep, 2012 by in Training Tips

Am I able to register for NJMLS classes without calling the MLS?

Yes, any member of the NJMLS is able to register for classes by using the link on the XL Paragon Desktop.  The Register for NJMLS Classes link is located under the scrolling message, beneath System Links.  When you click on it, you’ll be taken to the Internet Member Services page.  Under the Education Services heading, you have the option to Register by Course Name, Register by Date/Location, or View Your Scheduled Classes.  Choose the method you’d like to use to register and click on either the Course ID (when registering using Course Name) or the Course Description (when registering using Register by Date/Location).  You will receive an email confirming your registration.

How do I cancel a class I’m already registered for?

If you’re going to cancel a class, it must be done 24 hours in advance.  To do this, simply follow the same instructions that you would use to register for a class; under Education Services, choose View Your Scheduled Classes.  This brings you to a page with an option to see the Classes You Are Registered For.  Click on this link to see the list of classes you’re scheduled to take, each followed by a button that says Registration Cancellation.  Click on this button and then click Submit Cancellation.  You will receive an email confirming cancellation of your class.

In case you didn’t know:  New agents will receive an email confirming that their application for NJMLS membership has been processed.  Included in this email is a link that will allow them to register for Orientation.

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