My Updates

My Updates

Posted on 23. Jul, 2014 by in Training Tips, XL Paragon

The NJMLS provides you with a number of alerts on the XL Paragon Desktop which can help you manage a variety of listing-related information.  If you’re not familiar with this feature, here are a few tips about the “My Updates” area:

Hotsheet:  When changes occur in areas you have saved as a Hotsheet, or that we have pre-saved for you as an Office Hotsheet, these buttons will illuminate to alert you.

Prospecting:  If you have scheduled a customer to receive emails with listings they may be interested in, there are several alerts in this section that will be useful to you:

  • New Matches:  illuminates when one of your Prospects has a new match.
  • Prospect Updates:  When a customer viewing the prospect email chooses a property as a Favorite, this button will light up to alert you to take a look at a listing that is of interest to them.   
  • Expiration Alerts:  When one of your saved Prospects is about to expire, this button will illuminate; click on the link to reset the Prospect for another 90 days, if necessary.
  • New Prospect Comments:  You will know when and on which property a customer has commented.  Click on the link to view their remarks.

Listing Alerts:  Links in this section allow you to manage details directly related to your listing:

  • Expiration Alerts:  When a listing is within 14 days of expiration, this link will illuminate.  When you click on it, you will see a list of properties that are about to expire.  Brokers, please note, that you will receive this notification for all listings in the office.
  • In Progress Alerts:  When listings are saved in the temporary folder and are about to be deleted, you will be alerted.  When you click on the link, a list of “In Progress Listings About to be Purged” will be displayed, and you will be given the option to “Delete Checked” or “Renew Checked.”
  • Late ARIP:  Indicates when a listing that has been marked in Attorney Review has gone past the customary three day attorney review period.
  • Past Est. (Estimated) Closing Date:  When a listing is marked UC, information regarding Estimated Closing Date is entered into the system.  If the listing is not marked sold prior to that date, you will be alerted so you can update it.

Mail and Bulletin:  General Bulletin Mail or mail sent by an individual agent or office can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate links.  Bulletin mail relates directly to real estate; all other messages should be put in the Classified section.

Watch List:  Alerts regarding properties added to your Watch List, which is used to keep apprised of changes to individual listings, can be managed by clicking on this link.  The link is accessible even when not illuminated.


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