XL Paragon Enhancements Summary

XL Paragon Enhancements Summary

Posted on 22. Oct, 2015 by in Enhancements, News

The following enhancements and changes have been made so far this year in the new login of XL Paragon:

Open House Tools:  This feature allows agents to use a web-based sign in sheet to collect names and emails of attendees at open houses and create contact groups.  These groups can later be used to email updates.  In addition, other tools associated with adding/modifying open houses or tours, creating flyers and other reports for use at the open house, generating a Marketing report for sellers on open houses and tours are available.  Agents can also use the Send Host Sign In Sheet link to send or resend an email to a host, or to themselves, even after the automatic email went out. This is helpful when a last minute open house is added or a change is made in regard to who is hosting.

Multiple Photo Flyer:  We have provided a feature when creating a Multiple Photo Flyer, allowing you to pick and choose the photos from the listing that you would like to include.  Choose the listing you would like to create a flyer for, either from the drop down list of existing flyers or by auto-filling an MLS number.  The photos from the listing auto-populate; under each photo is a checked box and the choice to Include on Flyer.  Simply uncheck the box if you want to exclude that photo.

We provide two Multiple Flyer options.  Option 1 is the traditional flyer that allows you to add your own bullet points and comments.  Option 2 is a quick version that has no bullets and automatically pulls in the remarks from the listing.

Building Complex Link for Condo/Coop/Townhouse and Commercial Categories:  The Building Complex name in the listing report is linked to other active listings within that complex.  Results display in a modal window showing basic details of the listings with links to the full report and options to print and save the list.

Watch List:  Listings saved to your Watch List display with a thumbnail image of the first photo appearing on the listing.  This is especially helpful if you have a number of listings saved in the same area, allowing you to visually distinguish one from another.  You are alerted when a photo has been added to a listing that previously had none and when any information in the showing instructions has changed.

Hotsheet:  If a listing in the Expired section of the hotsheet has been relisted, the new MLS # will appear in a column next to status.  This number will be a link to the full report for the new listing.

Area/Town Name in Property Search:  A new option called Area/Town Name now replaces Area and allows agents to enter either an Area number, a town name using the type ahead feature, or any combination of the two.  The system auto-populates the correct county or counties when you hit “OK.”

My Office Roster:  A new option has been added that pulls up the member roster for your office.

Change of Status and Withdrawal Screens:  Links have been added to these screens in XL Paragon, allowing you to:

  • Create and then print, email, or save a PDF version of the Change of Status and Withdrawal forms for signature if you don’t already have a document signed by the seller(s) and your Broker.
  • Once the change has been made, a link is available to you in the system to email it directly to the NJMLS support desk.

Prospects:  We have added the “Save as Prospect” link back to Property Search in the new login, allowing you to create a Prospect from this screen rather than having to recreate the search in the Prospects module.  After entering your search criteria, click on “Save As” at the top of the search criteria box.  A smaller dialogue box opens; choose “Save as Prospect,” choose the report type, and then choose Save.

Create COS/Withdrawal Form:  A convenient tool allowing you to select your listing and autofill information to generate a Change of Status or Withdrawal form as a PDF for signature.

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