Hidden Treasures in User Preferences

Hidden Treasures in User Preferences

Posted on 01. Aug, 2016 by in XL Paragon

Did you know that there is information you can complete in the User Preferences section of the XL Paragon Toolkit that directly corresponds to information that appears about you on our public website?   Did you also know that there is other information entered here which appears on your E-Card and on the default email signature used when you send listings from XL Paragon? If you want to know where to find these options, here are a few tips:

Add/Modify Your Agent Photo

So simple, yet so important.  If you don’t upload a photo into XL Paragon, your photo will not appear on our public website.  Adding a photo into the system is also a great way for other agents to get to know you by associating a name with a face.

E-Card Options

When you complete the information needed to generate an E-Card, you’re basically personalizing the listing reports that you print and email to your customers.  The details needed to complete the E-Card include a brief phrase for the banner at the top — your tag line.  You may also include links to up to four websites and another four that can be used to link to the four major social media outlets.  Additionally, there is a free-form field that allows you to enter other information about yourself, such as your nickname.

Modify Your NJMLS.com Agent Page and Preferences

This section could effectively be called the “hub.”  Information entered here also appears on our public website, allowing consumers to view details that they may be considering in their search for a REALTOR®.  You’ll find a number of important links here including:

  • A link to create/modify an Agent Biography.  This information may include details of your real estate career, but you may also want to take a more personal approach and talk about your education, previous employment, hobbies or other interesting details that you are willing to share.  Once this is submitted, the biography appears in the “About” section on your Agent Page.
  • A link to list your Accomplishments.  This is a good place to list information regarding your awards and recognition, such as the Circle of Excellence.  These appear under the “Accomplishments” section on the Agent Page.
  • A field to choose up to 10 primary towns that you specialize doing business in.  Consumers on njmls.com can search for a Realtor by town, so by including all the towns you service they are more likely to find you.

Add/Modify Your Member Information

  • Let your customers know your licensure– are you a Sales Associate or a Broker, for example.  This information appears in the default email signature provided by the NJMLS in the body of sent emails, on your E-Card, and your Agent Profile on njmls.com.
  • Choose your Accreditations; these vary from agent to agent but choices include:  specialization in Green properties, a Military Relocation Professional (MRP), Short Sale and Foreclosure Certification (SFR), and Certified REO Specialist (CREO), among many others.  This information appears on your default email signature.
  • Let customers know you speak more than one language by choosing up to five from the drop down menu.  These languages appear on your E-Card, as well as on your Agent Profile on njmls.com, and consumers may search for agents they want to consider working with by using languages spoken as part of their search criteria.

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