What’s New in XL Paragon

What’s New in XL Paragon

Posted on 09. Aug, 2016 by in Changes, News, XL Paragon

XL Paragon Desktop
Two links have been added under My Updates on the XL Paragon Desktop.  The first, Office Inventory, allows you to quickly view active listings within your office.  The second, Office Open Houses and Tours, links you to office listings with open houses or realtor tours coming up within seven days.

You may now view the previous Office Hotsheet, in addition to the current Office Hotsheet.  These hotsheets display transaction activity within your office only.  To access this feature, click on the Office Hotsheet link under My Updates.

Changes in Listing Maintenance
You must now report the name of the Selling Saleperson and office when changing the status of a listing to Attorney Review in Progress (ARIP).  This gives Brokers a better overall picture of transaction activity within their office.

Easements and Assessments have been separated into two fields. In the Residential and 2-4 Family categories, Easements gives you the option to choose “None Known,” “Other/See Remarks,” “Survey (per),” or “Deed (per).”  Municipal Assessments choices are “Yes” or “None Known.”  In the Condo/Coop/Townhouse (CCT) category, the fields remain unchanged but a new field has been added for Municipal Assessments with the options “Yes” and “None Known.”

When a Broker has chosen to syndicate office listings through the NJMLS, their agents see wording on the Listing Load form in the Internet Options section showing which websites the Broker has opted into.

A “Help” button appears on the page used to add/modify a tour date, linking to a list of recommended days.

A second URL field has been included on the Add Virtual Tour screen, allowing you to enter a second media choice such as another virtual tour, or an animated floor plan or video.

Other Changes
The ability to save report choices as the default in a CMA is available.  The system automatically remembers the boxes that are checked so the next time the CMA report page is used the options will already appear as checked.

My Updates (on the XLP Desktop):  The “Late ARIP” button has been changed to “ARIP Reminder.”  This button indicates that your listing has exceeded the typical three day attorney review period; it does not mean that you have received a fine.

The sign-in page in Open House Tools now requires either an email address or phone number.  Additionally, a text box has been added to give space to enter the name of an agent if someone attending the open house has checked off the box indicating they are working with an agent.  This will be saved with the contact in the Notes field as “Working with (agent name).”

We have added a search for the ARIP status category in Inventory.

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