New Map Search

New Map Search

Posted on 20. Dec, 2016 by in Changes, Enhancements, News, XL Paragon

We recently released a new version of the Map Search, which features a larger, interactive map.  You can use the map to search for properties with or without other filters.  Some of the features of this Map Search are:

Draw to search– Use the map to draw a shape within an area and search only within that shape.  Add filters to further refine your search.

Map Layers– Use the Map Layers option to show parcel lines, postal code, city, and county boundaries.  When zoomed in on parcel view, click on a parcel to display lot dimensions and select tax information.

Listing Cart– Listings added to a Cart will display on the Map with a check mark, easily distinguished from other search results.  Additionally, listings in a Cart may be emailed to a customer or saved for future reference.

Paginated reports– When creating a report from search results such a Detail History or Tax report, you may view this in a paginated mode, rather than having to scroll up and down.

CMA Presentation link– After choosing listings from your search results, use the “presentation” icon in the Action menu to connect quickly to CMA and expedite creation of your report.

Map results– Color-coded map results allow you to easily see properties that have had price changes.

Active listings– Listings that are in Attorney Review (ARIP) are now clearly identified.

If you have questions regarding how to use the new Map Search, please give us a call at 201-387-1150.

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