Using zipForm® Plus just got easier!

Using zipForm® Plus just got easier!

Posted on 21. Apr, 2017 by in Enhancements, News, XL Paragon

We are pleased to let you know NJMLS is providing our members with an upgrade to the zipForm® Plus transaction management service available through NJ Realtors. NJMLS members now have the MLS-PUSH feature that lets you push data directly from a listing in XL Paragon to a zipForm® transaction. Plus, you’ll have the convenience of Single Sign-On integration so you are automatically logged in when you go from our XL Paragon system to the zipForm® Plus site. This time-saving solution lets you quickly auto populate contracts/forms and gives you a streamlined experience when navigating between systems.

To initiate the process, simply click on the “Start Contract” link located at the top of all Full Reports. The first time you do, you will see an interim screen that prompts you to buy what is normally a fee based service.  Since NJMLS is providing this service to our members FREE of charge, just click on the “BUY” button and you will be brought straight into zipForms to start your contract. After this, you should no longer see this interim screen.

Only after you complete this initial process you will also be able to use the zipFormMLS-Connect® option on the zipForm site which lets you enter an NJMLS number and pull the listing data directly from XL Paragon.  So no matter which site you’re on, XL Paragon or zipForm, you can populate contracts and forms with NJMLS listing data quickly and easily!

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