The Many Conveniences of ShowingTime

The Many Conveniences of ShowingTime

Posted on 29. Jun, 2018 by in ShowingTime

If you’re not using ShowingTime, you’re missing out on a convenient tool which is integrated into XL Paragon; as a member of the NJMLS this is a value-added feature included free with your membership. ShowingTime is a great way to schedule and manage appointments, solicit feedback on showings, and generate feedback and showing activity for sellers, allowing you to optimize your time and help you accomplish more during your busy day.

When you list a property, it is very simple to enable ShowingTime. When you’re in Listing Maintenance and viewing your Current Listings, look in the Action menu – the option to Set Up ShowingTime is displayed. Simply click on this link to access the ShowingTime settings page. Additionally, there is a feature to enable ShowingTime globally on all your listings, giving agents added convenience when requesting showing appointments.

The convenience of using ShowingTime doesn’t end with the ability to request and schedule showing appointments. Did you know there are also features which allow you to create Activity and Showing reports, as well as send Notifications to other NJMLS member agents regarding listing activity, such as a price change?

Reports – There are several reports that can be generated from ShowingTime, including:

  • Listing Activity Report: Review all activity details for the life of the listing. Easily review feedback from showings, document open houses and display other basic information that can be shared with sellers using the Homeowner version of the report. Group emails to showing agents may be sent from here notifying them of upcoming open houses or price adjustments.
  • Showings I Have Requested: View all the appointments you have scheduled on any listings using ShowingTime.
  • Send Notifications: Send price change or other notifications to agents that have shown your listing or to all agents in your office, by going into Listing Maintenance in XL Paragon, highlighting the listing you want to send the notification on and then choosing Set up ShowingTime>Listing Activity Report>Send Notifications.

Feedback – You are able to schedule requests for feedback to go out automatically via email at specific intervals to showing agents. ShowingTime also allows you to modify the design and settings on the feedback form.

Look for subsequent articles about additional ShowingTime features, including the ShowingTime Mobile App.

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