User Preferences

User Preferences

Posted on 13. Aug, 2018 by in, User Preferences, XL Paragon

There are some simple ways on our member site, XL Paragon, to engage consumer attention from our public site,  Take some time to complete a few pieces of information in the User Preferences section of the Toolkit.  It will only take a few minutes and may help garner some leads.  Here are some of the highlights you may want to try, outlined according to the section in which you’ll find them in User Preferences:

Section 2
Load/Change Your Agent Photo:  If you’re only going to do one thing, upload a photo into the system.  Not only will this appear when you email a customer report to someone from XL Paragon, it will also filter over to so that consumers will know who you are.  It’s a very visual world, and when people know who they’re going to meet, for example before they’re going to an appointment, it may work in your favor.

Section 5
Accreditations:  If you took the time to get certified and trained in a special area of real estate, for example, Military Relocation, Training in Green Building Features, At Home with Diversity, Senior Residential Specialist, or the many other specialties that are available to Realtors, then let consumers know that if they need someone with your expertise, you’re available.  Choose these in this section by checking the boxes that apply; they will filter to the public site and display on your Agent Page.

Languages Spoken:  If you speak another language (or up to five) you may choose them here.  They will display on the public site and are a searchable option for consumers looking for someone who speaks their language.

Section 8
Biography and Accomplishments:  We have two sections; one where you can create a biography and another to list your accomplishments.  Both of these display on as your Agent Page.

Towns Serviced:  You may choose up to 10 towns where you specialize.  These will filter to the public site, and if a consumer is searching for an agent in one of those towns, your profile will display as part of their search results.

Periodically we offer a webinar to review the features in User Preferences.  If you’re interested,   please  call Michele Cucci at 201-387-1150, ext. 527 to put your name on a list for an upcoming session.

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