Circle of Excellence

Circle of Excellence

Posted on 06. Dec, 2018 by in Miscellaneous, Reports, Statistics

The deadline to submit your Circle of Excellence application to your local board is January 7, 2019. The NJMLS provides you with a Circle of Excellence report in XL Paragon to help you. This tool, found in the XL Paragon Statistics menu, simplifies the process of compiling what you need to qualify for this distinction. Your report will consist of a list of your closed transactions with details that include the value of the sale towards your Circle of Excellence status.

Our Circle of Excellence Report aligns closely with the sections of the application used for submission. To see it, select Search/Print Award applications II and III.

This version includes:

  • A checkbox to easily print listing reports
  • Two options for Units calculation: Dollar & Unit or Strictly Unit
  • Lease Term
  • Gross value of rental agreement has been calculated and now displays in the Dollar Value column

This is also a good time to make sure that you’ve checked your inventory to confirm you’re current on reporting closed listings, as well as confirming that any transaction in which you represented the buyer is correctly reported by the listing agent.

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