System Updates

System Updates

Posted on 29. Jul, 2022 by in Changes, Enhancements, News, XL Paragon

Keep up-to-date on the most recent system enhancements.

The new NJMLS app provides agents with an easy to navigate, streamlined landing page, plus new features and options including: Instaview, which allows agents to quickly see property details of listings within 150 feet of their proximity. Integration of Realist tax data in the Detail report, listings instantly plotted on a map, and the option to display nearby comparable properties.

Agents may also easily share a branded version of the app with their clients using the Brand and Share™ option, which includes picking a unique color scheme or a preset option to match office branding.

The new NJMLS app will need to be installed to replace the app discontinued by the vendor. Search for NJMLS where you purchase your apps.

ShowingTime Offer Manager
Offer Manager, a new product from ShowingTime, is a new option within our members’ NJMLS ShowingTime account. Offer Manager brings improved efficiency and communication to a critical part of the real estate purchase process and provides valuable benefits for both Listing Agents and Buyer’s Agents.

For Listing Agents, all offer documents will be viewable in one place and organized by listing, there is easy communication with Buyer’s Agents by text, the app, or email, and you will be able to utilize a side-by-side comparison report that may be shared with sellers. For Buyer’s Agents, offers may be submitted via the NJMLS by simply clicking on a SUBMIT OFFER link on the listing, a “Read” receipt will be transmitted with a date/time stamp once the Listing Agent has opened your offer, and you will see all the offers you’ve submitted and their current status in an easy, searchable view.

NJ Property Records
NJ Property Records gives FREE access to Property Record Cards. This integration, an upgrade to the advanced NJ Property Records package, would typically cost $1140 per agent per year, but we are offering it as an exclusive value-added benefit to our members, included with your membership. This new tax integration provides details not found in our existing tax records, such as square footage by floor, number of bedrooms, and much more.

New in XL Paragon
Create Other NJMLS Forms
A change has been made to what has been called Create COS/Withdrawal Forms, a tool which displays under the Listing Maintenance tab on the Toolbar. It has been renamed, Create Other NJMLS Forms, and options to Create Delayed Showing Form and Create No Showings Form have been added to the existing choices of Create Status Change Form and Create Withdrawal Form.

Using this feature saves time by auto-populating the listing number, property address, Listing Office name and contact information, and the Listing Agent information into the form, and then providing the ability to print, email, or send the form to zipForm Plus for signatures.

New Feature Options in Rental/Res Category
The following options have been added to the “Required” feature group in the Rental/Res category:
Proof of Income
Proof of Identity

The following label changes have been made in Listing Load:
Bathroom: The label previously called Master Bath Y/N has been changed to Primary Bath Y/N.
Bedroom: 1st Floor Master Bedroom has been changed to 1st Floor Primary Bedroom.

Changes to Saved Listings
To streamline the process of removing listings from search results in a saved listing, we have added a Remove Checked link. Agents should check the listings they want to delete from the list and click on Remove Checked. A confirmation screen pops up to confirm the number of listings being checked. If you opt to remove all listings, the entire list will be deleted from those you have saved (a confirmation screen also pops up confirming this is your intention).

Changes to Property Search Results
When using Chrome (browser), the system provides a “placeholder” when looking at search results in a Property Search. This is helpful when there is a long list of properties provided from your search; the system will highlight in blue the one you looked at last, so you’ll know where you left off.

New Feature Options in the NJMLS System
The following new features options have been added to the Features section in Listing Load:
-Solar Heater is a new option in the Pool Feature Group for Residential listings.
-Electric Vehicle Charging Station is a new option in the Garage/Parking Feature Group for Residential, 2-4 Family, Coop/Condo/Townhouse, and Rental listings.
-Tankless Hot Water and Geo-Thermal Heat Pump in the Heating Feature Group for Residential, 2-4 Family, Condo/Coop/Townhouse, and Commercial listings.

First Floor Bedroom:
A new required field for 1st Floor Bedroom Y/N has been added to the RESIDENTIAL Category. If yes, a secondary optional field to indicate if it is a Primary Bedroom Y/N is available.

Print Multiple Reports:
When selecting to Print Multiple Reports, you will now be able to choose to print the reports collated by MLS# or grouped by report type.

Office Inventory Link
When Brokers and Admins select the Office Inventory link on the Desktop, all Active Inventory in the office will display, as well as ARIP and Under Contract listings, where the office is on the listing or selling side. Fields displaying the listing agent/office and selling agent/office will be available on ARIP and UC statuses.

ARIP and UC Emails
We have implemented an automated email that will be sent to Listing Agents when a listing is marked Attorney Review in Progress (ARIP) or when a listing is marked Under Contract (UC). The email reviews the action that was taken on the listing, giving the Listing Agent the opportunity to review the information for accuracy. It then outlines next steps for that listing, such as marking it Under Contract for a listing that is now in Attorney Review or marking the listing Sold for a listing that is Under Contract, as well as other Status Change Options.

New Search Option
A new Option to Search Building Sq. Footage from the Tax Record is available. When using Property Search, the option for Approx. Bldg. Sq. Ft. (per tax record) has been added to the dropdown menu under Additional Criteria. A disclaimer displays, clarifying the limitations of the data:  Approx. Building Sq. Ft. is based on available public record data and may not reflect new construction or renovations. When running a search using this new criteria, the Tax Building Sq. Ft will display when available.

New Report Option
A new Full w/brief Tax Report is available that includes a separated section on the bottom with limited data from the Tax Records including Building Sq. Ft when if it is available.

New Transaction Information Report
The NJMLS has released a new report that will simplify garnering contact information for a listing agent and office when preparing a contract. The Transaction Information report provides the listing agent’s and listing office’s name, MLS ID #, contact phone number, office phone number, Real Estate license numbers, and brief details on the listed property. This report can be accessed by using the drop down menu which displays when viewing search results.

Field Changes
The maximum number of characters available has been increased to 75 characters for the Items Not Included and Items Included fields allowing more room for details.

Member Benefits Flyer Updates
Two new updated Member Benefits Flyers are available as an option to print from Toolkit > Forms, Docs & Gen Info > Flyers > Member Benefits Flyers. These outline the benefits for the seller or buyer to work with an NJMLS Member and the many ways that provides the seller more exposure for their listings or in the case of a buyer more listings in a timely manner. The seller version is also accessible when preparing a CMA by selecting the option Member Benefits Flyer during your CMA report preparation.

No Further Showings
There is a new option in the Showing Instructions Field, “No Showings: In Attorney Review or Multiple Offers”, that must be selected when discontinuing showings during review of multiple offers or during Attorney Review. This information must also be disclosed in the Agent Remarks/Showing Instructions. In addition, an option has been added to the Description menu in Add Associate Document for uploading the new “No Showings Form”. This new form is available in Toolkit > Forms, Docs & Gen Info > Forms folder, or click here for a copy.

Buyer Broker Compensation
A new NAR policy requires the listing broker’s offer of compensation be included in listings on our public website. This information must be accompanied by a disclaimer stating that the offer is made only to participants of the MLS where the listing is filed. In light of this new policy, Buyer Broker Compensation will also be displayed on various Customer Reports sent from the system to potential buyers.

Changes to Address Search
A simple way to do an address search has been added in XL Paragon, the Single Address Search. This field will allow you to type in a complete single address to search for a listing.

A new column was added displaying “Showings Begin On” date for properties with a delayed showing.

Virtually Staged and Enhanced Images
A new rule and system change has been released related to modified photos on listings. This includes Virtually Staged Images and Virtually Enhanced Images which need to be designated as such in our system.

The following system change in Photo Maintenance will allow you to indicate if any listing photos are Virtually Staged or Virtually Enhanced:

  • After loading photos and clicking FINISH, a new confirmation screen will appear asking if any photos are virtually staged or enhanced.
  • If Yes is selected, the Photo Maintenance screen will appear again with links to select Staged or Enhanced on any photo.
  • Once submitted, selected photos are watermarked in our system with the appropriate label.

Please refer to NJMLS Rules and Regulations, Section 1.20 – Virtually Staged and Enhanced Images, for the complete rule.

Desktop Links
Two new quick links have been added to your XL Paragon Desktop. The first provides a simple way to view Active and Under Contract inventory for your company. The second allows you to view upcoming Tours/Open Houses on your company listings. These are found in the My Updates section, under the Office Inventory and Office Tours/Open Houses.

Listing agents, selling agents, and their Designated Realtors will now be able to see selling office and agent information on their ARIP properties. This information can only be viewed by the agents or brokers involved in the transaction.

Property Search
Option to search on Solar Y/N or Solar Ownership has been added to the additional criteria options for a Residential Search.

Statistics: New Option in Comparison Report
The option to run a rolling 12-month Comparison Report has been added in addition to the existing option of running a report comparing year over year data. This new option will create the comparison based on the date you are running the report.

Inventory Search
Search Criteria now displays on the top of printed Inventory Search results allowing you to confirm what was chosen to compile the report.

FOR BROKERS ONLY: Change to Market Share Reports
Brokers will now have access to additional search and display options in Market Share and Office/Company Share reports.

Realist Sell Score
Realist recently enabled an option to do a search based on Sell Score, providing results based on the relative likelihood a property will be listed for sale in the next 6 months. This new feature is not part of the default criteria, but can be added to My Search by using the Customize Search option > Sales Information > check the box for Sell Score > Apply.

You may display the Sell Score in the search results by using Customize Table > Show/Hide Columns > Sales Information > check the box for Sell Score > Apply or you can view the detail report to see a properties individual Sell Score.

Please note: The Sell Score option can only be used when a single county is selected. When multiple counties are used in a search, the Sell Score feature will be grayed out under Customize Search and cannot be selected.

50 Photos
You can now show more photos on your listings. The Manage MLS Photos option in Listing Maintenance has been expanded from 25 photos to 50 photos. Tip: Save time by uploading photos in the order you want them to appear. You can also save time by selecting and uploading multiple photos at once.

Town Insights Tool
For a quick overview of the current listing activity in a town, you now have a new option in the Stats menu called Town Insights Tool. Simply enter a town and property category, and you’ll be able to see the following information:

  • Inventory Level: Number of Current Actives and Months Inventory
  • Interest Level by Price: Number of Saved Prospect Searches at various price points
  • Sales Trends by Time Frame: Average List Price, UC Listings, Average DOM, Sold Listings, Average Sold Price

Photo Viewer with Captions
Captions on Photos are now available from mobile email customer reports and when viewing listings in Client Connect prospect tool. A new full screen viewer is available when viewing listings on a phone.

ListHub Option
The option to send office listings to ListHub has been opened to allow listings to display on any of the publisher websites ListHub offers. Designated Realtors can now select “Subscribe” to ListHub in the Manage Listing Distribution screen in Listing Maintenance, and then must register on the ListHub site to choose websites from their full Publisher List and choose lead management settings. For more information on ListHub, visit

Change to Display of Price
When viewing sold properties in mobile emails, or when using the View Recent Solds link in Client Connect, the display of an increase or decrease in price will be based on the sold price compared to the Final List Price.

New for Teams
Team members will now see their team name displayed on any personalization such as the Customer Report, CMA Cover Page, Mobile and Prospect Email About Me page, and the E-card on emails.

New Market Stats link on Full Reports
Now, with one click, you can preview key market statistics for a town right from a Full Report! We recently upgraded the Absorption Rate link on Full Reports to a Market Stats link. This appears currently on Bergen County listings and will be expanded to other areas over time. Clicking on the link provides absorption rates and estimated months inventory based on 12 month average of Under Contract Listings as well as 12 month average of SOLD listings. Additional statistical data is included, such as Current Actives, Median List Price, Median Sold Price, Units Sold, and Average Days on Market.

Team Share Reports in Market Share
Brokers now have the option to run Market Share Reports by Teams. This will rank Team Sales effective January 1st 2021. This option can be found in Step 1 when running the Market Share reports. All transactions by any team member will roll up into the Team Share Report.

Update: Office Team Set-Up
Attention Designated Realtors: If you have not set up your office teams, please do so today. Team market share rankings started with transactions occurring after January 1, 2021, so by registering your teams, you ensure they are not left out of those statistics.

To set up a team, a Designated Realtor can select the new option under Roster to Manage Office Teams. Click on this option to create a new team by entering a Team Name, selecting the Team Leader, and clicking on Submit. Once a team has been saved, you will have to option to add agents to the team, or delete agents as needed.

PLEASE NOTE: It’s important when using TEAM STATS in advertising, there must be a disclaimer included stating the criteria used, date range, and that the results are based on Team Statistics. If a ranking comparison is being made, competitors cannot be identified by name or other identifiable characteristic, but can be referred to generically.