New Jersey Multiple Listing Service, Inc. Your Independent Source for Real Estate Data Fri, 27 Mar 2020 19:35:18 +0000 en-US hourly 1 NJMLS COVID-19 Information Recap Fri, 20 Mar 2020 15:53:14 +0000 We know you are receiving many emails on the COVID-19 outbreak right now, so to help, here is a summary to keep you up to date on anything you may have missed along with some new information:

March 27 Changes to Delayed Showing:  In an effort to ease the concerns some sellers may have about showing their property during the COVID-19 outbreak, the NJMLS has temporarily lifted the 30-day restriction on Delayed Showings and will now allow Delayed Showings to be added or extended until May 1st. The Delayed Showing form has been revised accordingly. For a copy, click here.

In addition, listings with Delayed Showings will temporarily not accrue Days on Market. Please note: the NJMLS can only control the number of “Days on Market” within our own system and not on third party sites like Zillow and

As a reminder, a Delayed Showing Form must be signed by the sellers, listing Broker, and listing agent and uploaded as an Associated Document to the listing when a property cannot be shown for more than three calendar days from the listing date.

March 26 Update from New Jersey REALTORS®:  New Jersey REALTORS® has posted a list of FAQ’s that provides guidance during the COVID-19 outbreak. To review their information, click here.

To view New Jersey REALTORS’® new Addendum Regarding Coronavirus, an additional addendum to the Standard Form of Real Estate Contract, click here.

Executive Order:  To view the statewide Executive Order 107 from NJ Governor Murphy, click here.

NJ COVID-19 Information Hub:  For up-to-date information from the website, click here.

System Changes:  We have made a change to temporarily not count Days On Market (DOM) on listings that have been recently Withdrawn Temporarily (WT). For more information, click here.

NJMLS Statistical Trends:  To view the impact of COVID-19 on real estate activity, we prepared a comparison of weekly NJMLS statistics in March 2020 vs 2019 to provide insight into recent changes. To view, click here.

ShowingTime® Trends:  To view a ShowingTime chart for trends in NJMLS ShowingTime Appointments, click here.

Supporting You:  Though our offices are currently closed, the NJMLS staff is still here to support you via phone, live chat, and email during our regular business hours. To learn more, click here.

Best Practices:  For best practices from the National Association of REALTORS®, click here.

NJMLS Listing Fee Reduced Wed, 08 Jan 2020 16:30:05 +0000 Providing members with more value has always been our priority. That’s why the NJMLS has maintained or reduced our fees year after year while also adding products and services, like Cloud CMA, Remine Pro, and Homesnap Pro, at no additional cost for our membership. Now we are going one step further — we’re reducing our listing fee for published listings by 25% — from $40 to $30. That’s a $10 savings on each property listed for sale!

The NJMLS Board of Directors voted to reduce the fee effective January 1, 2020. The reduced listing fee will be reflected in the February invoices (when listings entered in January are billed). It’s one more way the NJMLS continues to give members even more value!

We hope this helps kick off a very successful year for all.

Put ShowingTime to Work for You Thu, 12 Dec 2019 18:00:58 +0000 ShowingTime is one of the many integrated products the NJMLS provides free as part of your membership; it streamlines the process of requesting and confirming listing appointments, providing assistance in simplifying a fundamental aspect of your business. Listing Agents enable this feature on their listings, allowing appointments to be requested on line. Showing Agents simply click on the icon which displays on a Full Report to request an appointment.

ShowingTime also provides other tools to help manage these appointments: including creating a Showing Cart for your buyers, messaging agents, creating Feedback reports, and more. To learn about these features, sign up for the ShowingTime Webinar which will take place on Tuesday, January 14th from 1:00-2:00pm. Please login to XL Paragon and use the link on the Desktop to register.

Spotlight on Training Folders Thu, 07 Nov 2019 21:58:27 +0000 We provide a valuable training resource for our members that can be accessed anytime. Whether used as a companion to training that you take with an instructor, or to learn something about the system on your own, there is a wealth of information available to you.

These folders include instruction ranging from topics covered in Orientation to very specific instruction on features such as Realist and Homesnap PRO.

Recently, we have started to build a Training Video library, where you will find videos to step you through system features including Prospecting, Cloud CMA, Creating Labels, Watch List, Hotsheets and more. These videos make it easy for you to become more acquainted with how to use this functionality at your own pace.

To find these folders, login to XL Paragon, go to Toolkit, and then choose Forms, Docs, & Gen Info > Training Videos. These will all be labeled beginning with the keyword, “training.”

Now Available: NJMLS Provides Remine Pro FREE to Members! Fri, 27 Sep 2019 18:14:52 +0000 NJMLS is pleased to announce we have added this popular tool to the many resources available to members — free of charge. Remine PRO normally costs Realtors $199 per month versus the Starter plan offered by other MLS organizations. To take advantage of this powerful new integrated tool, login to XL Paragon and go to the Desktop messages to register for upcoming training.

Remine combines MLS data, public records, and predictive analytics in a map-based interface that helps you find new business opportunities.

  • Search for active and off-market properties and get insights such as sell scores, ownership time, property values, and home equity
  • Track properties and get timely alerts based on changes in sell score, occupancy, MLS activity,
    and other data
  • Create CMAs quickly and easily using both MLS and off-market data

With Remine PRO you get these features included at no charge:

  • Contact Information with phone numbers* and email addresses at no cost (normally $3/record)
  • Expanded Cart track up to 10,000 records (normally 500)
  • Buy Scores in addition to Sell Scores, lets you target both potential buyers and sellers
  • Engage with clients with your invitation-only Agent Portal to save search, chat, and more
  • Free Credit Report can be included for your client
  • Free Document E-signing Tool
  • Additional Map Layers:  Absentee Owners, Flood Zones, Neighborhood Maps, Property Value and Equity, School Maps and Distressed Properties

* Do Not Call phone numbers flagged as DNC.


Information regarding Remine training may be found in the XL Paragon Desktop messages.

Mobile Options to Help Agents Work on the Go Tue, 30 Jul 2019 17:41:34 +0000 The NJMLS provides several mobile options, each designed for “on the go” solutions:

  • NJMLS Mobile View:  Designed to work on your mobile device, the NJMLS Mobile View allows members to work within the system in real time. There is no app required to use the Mobile View; login to XL Paragon on your mobile device and you will be prompted to choose this option. The work you do in the Mobile View will update automatically in XL Paragon. Currently, features available in this view include Quick Search (by MLS #, Address, Name), View Hotsheets and Watch List Alerts, Search Tools (Near Me, Property, Hotsheets, Tour/Open House, Cloud CMA, Roster), Listing Maintenance (view your listings, make price changes, extend expiration dates, add Tour/Open House dates), view Reports, get Alerts, access Contacts, Communication Logs, and more.
  • NJMLS App:  Agents can easily access listing information on the go, search for listings based on geographic location, MLS #, Address, City or Zip Code. Members may also view tax data, Realtor Tours, Showing Instructions, and more. The consumer version of the NJMLS app provides the public view of NJMLS listings and can be used to generate leads back to agents. Members with IDX service can share a branded version of the app with clients.
  • Homesnap PRO:  This platform provides information on any home, whether or not it is for sale, such as value, last list date and price, listing history, lot boundaries, etc., and combines that with MLS listing data. The NJMLS provides the Homesnap Pro App as a free, value-added service to our members. It provides NJMLS listing and property information to agents on the go, allowing you to research homes, contact other agents, and communicate with clients. Agents can also share the app and work in collaboration with their existing clients, as well as receive leads from consumers searching the public version.
Changes to Showing Instructions Tue, 25 Jun 2019 17:58:47 +0000 There’s nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect property to show to your customer and then not having clear or accurate showing instructions on the listing. Conversely, when a showing agent doesn’t follow the instructions it can be frustrating for everyone. To help make showing instructions more standardized and easier to follow, we recently made a few changes:

1. There is a new, required field with a menu of choices:

  • Use Showing Time
  • Text Listing Agent for Confirmed Appointment
  • Call Listing Agent for Confirmed Appointment
  • Call Listing Office for Confirmed Appointment
  • Call Owner for Confirmed Appointment
  • Call Tenant for Confirmed Appointment
  • Key in Office
  • Go Direct/NJMLS KeyBox Installed
  • Other/See Showing Instructions

2. The text field Showing Instructions/Agent Remarks has be broken into two text fields:

  • Showing Instructions:  to be used for additional details on showings
  • Agent Remarks:  to be used for links or additional confidential information or disclosures to be shared with other agents
The NJMLS: We Give You More Than Just Listing Maintenance Wed, 01 May 2019 17:34:39 +0000 The NJMLS continues to offer our members many system-integrated products that are provided at no extra charge as part of the membership fee (which has remained the same since 2007). We strive to always be on the lookout for products and services that help streamline your workflow:

Cloud CMA:  Cloud CMA is an option we are providing to create a customized CMA Report; it also allows users to create Buyer’s Tour Reports, Property Detail Reports, and Property Flyers.

ZipForm Start Contract Integration:  We offer two integrations in zipForm® Plus. First, a quick and simple way to write a Contract of Sale, using the MLS-PUSH feature that pushes data directly from a listing in XL Paragon to a zipForm® transaction. You also have the convenience of being automatically logged in when you go from our XL Paragon system to the zipForm® Plus site. New integration features continue to streamline members’ workloads. Second, a new integration that allows you to send your Listing Agreement, Change of Status Form, or Withdrawal Form PDF directly into a new or existing zipForm® Plus transaction folder for e-signing.

ShowingTime Appointment Scheduling Service:  Save time, reduce calls, and generate showings by enabling ShowingTime on your listings. ShowingTime provides a simpler way to schedule and manage showings, request feedback from showing agents, create listing activity reports, schedule buyer’s tours, and send notifications to agents who have shown your listings.

Realist:  This property database allows users to search for properties and listings, flood maps, assessor maps, and zoning maps. You can also evaluate market conditions and trends, identify comparable properties, search for distressed properties, and more. Tax data is available for all 21 counties in New Jersey and nine counties in New York.

Supra MLS Integration:  Members whose keys have been assigned by the NJMLS are able to access the Supra MLS integration, found on the Full Reports of their listings. Simply use the icons provided to quickly assign a keybox to a listing, access a showing report to see which agents have opened the keybox, and unassign a keybox from a listing when the property is off-market.

Homesnap Pro:  This popular app and its consumer companion, Homesnap, is designed so agents can work in collaboration with their clients from their mobile devices.

Attention Designated Realtors: Homesnap Has Been Added as a Syndication Option Fri, 29 Mar 2019 19:03:13 +0000 You can now syndicate your office listings to Homesnap and your agents will get FREE leads from consumers who use Homesnap to search for homes every month. Go to your Manage Listing Syndication Page in XL Paragon and select the new option to SUBSCRIBE TO HOMESNAP.

Homesnap Pro is offered by the NJMLS as a value-added product, free of charge. This popular app and its consumer companion, Homesnap, is designed so agents can work in collaboration with their clients from their mobile devices. Homesnap is a market-leading national home search platform that provides real-time MLS data to consumers and free leads for agents. The integrated Homesnap platform provides agents with access to powerful, intelligent mobile tools that accelerate their success.

New Value Added Product Alert: Homesnap Pro Wed, 13 Mar 2019 16:24:37 +0000 Homesnap Pro. This popular app and its consumer companion, Homesnap, is designed so agents can work in collaboration with their clients from their mobile devices. Click on Read More for details.]]> The NJMLS is offering you another value-added product, free of charge, Homesnap Pro. This popular app and its consumer companion, Homesnap, is designed so agents can work in collaboration with their clients from their mobile devices. Homesnap is a market-leading national home search platform that provides real-time MLS data
to consumers and free leads for agents. The integrated Homesnap platform provides agents with access to powerful, intelligent mobile tools that accelerate their success.