FAQs – Membership

I’m a new agent and I want to join NJMLS. What is the procedure?
First, fill out a New Agent application and fax it to our Membership Department at 201-387-6960 or email to Once we have processed your application, you can register for an Orientation class. This class is required before a Supra eKEY and password to our XL Paragon MLS database will be issued.

Where can I get a New Agent Application?
You can call 201-387-1150 or submit the online form by clicking here.

What are the fees for a new agent?
A new agent pays a one-time registration fee of $65.00 and an annual membership fee of $222.00 (first year prorated monthly) directly to the Service. Once the completed application has been processed, the agent will receive email confirmation with payment instructions. After payment is received, membership will be activated and the agent will receive a second email which will contain a link to register for OrientationThis class is required in order to gain access to the system and to lease a Supra eKEY. The fees for a Supra eKEY are separate with payment made directly to Supra. For more complete information on the Supra eKEY, including cost, click here.

How do I register an administrative member?
The NJMLS requires anyone, including any personal or office assistant who needs to work in our system, to be registered and to use their own login credentials to access the system. Administrative assistants may be licensed (click here for licensed admin application) or unlicensed (click here for unlicensed admin application) and should apply using the correct application.

How often are the classes given for new agents?
The Orientation class is offered by webinar twice a week, scheduling permitting. The class includes rules and regulations, Supra eKEY, and XL Paragon training.

I’m a broker and want to open my own office, how do I join?
Fill out a New Participant Application and email it back to us at along with a letter of good standing from your Board of REALTORS®; then call to provide payment information (credit card or telecheck) for the $500 office initiation fee. For information on purchasing Supra lockboxes (iBox BTLE) or activating a Supra eKEY, click here.

Where can I get a New Participant Application?
You can call 201-387-1150 or submit the online form by clicking here.

What are the fees for a new office?
There is a $500.00 initiation fee and $30.00/month office dues. The broker and any agents who join pay their own individual membership fees (see above).

I’m an appraiser and I would like to join your MLS. Is that possible?
Appraisers have an option to choose from two levels of Affiliate Membership: Sold Information only access or All Listings access. You must be a Certified or Licensed Appraiser and have membership in a Board of REALTORS®.

Where can I get a New Affiliate Application?
You can call 201-387-1150 or submit the online form by clicking here.

What is the cost to join as an Affiliate?
There is a $250 annual membership fee for access to Sold Information only or $500 initiation fee, $30 monthly office dues, and $222 annual membership fee for access to All Listings.

How do I transfer my membership to a new office?
Your old and new broker should call 201-387-1150 or download the Agent Transfer/Deletion Form from the web site by clicking here.

If I transfer to a new office does my agent code # stay the same?