Listing Distribution

Listing Distribution is a simple and efficient way to authorize distribution of listings to consumer-facing websites hosted by third parties. The NJMLS provides this service to select sites at no additional cost.

How Does It Work?

Designated Realtors have access to a link labeled Manage Listing Distribution which can be found on the Administration screen in Toolkit, as well as on the Listing Maintenance screen. The NJMLS End User Agreement must be reviewed; click Accept if you agree to terms and to move to the Manage Listing Distribution screen, where distribution choices for the office are made. The distribution option is set to “Unsubscribe” by default; to send listings to a site, change the option to “Subscribe.”  When you choose to send your listings to the internet when entering them into the NJMLS System, they are automatically sent to our consumer website,, but by choosing to distribute, office listings can also be sent to:

  • List Hub
  • (set to “Subscribe” by default)

Please carefully read the Terms of Use for each channel before finalizing your choices, then click on Save Changes to complete the process.