NJ Property Records

NJ Property Records, with FREE access to Property Record Cards for New Jersey properties, provides details not found in our traditional tax records, such as square footage by floor, number of bedrooms, and more, enhancing our existing tax data.

The advanced NJ Property Records package is an upgrade normally available at an upcharge but is included as an exclusive value-added benefit to NJMLS members free with membership.

NJ Property Records provides:

  • Property Maps – Browse our statewide collection of: Tax Maps, Zoning Maps, Flood & Wetlands, and dozens of map layers.
  • Map Features – View ownership & property data on click of parcel. Overlay different basemaps, trends, boundaries, and much more.
  • Property Data – The most comprehensive property data available in New Jersey. Browse data from 1989-current. Data updated weekly!
  • Reports & Labels – Generate detailed reports in seconds. Perform an advanced property search to narrow down results and generate labels.