NJMLS offers a time-saving tool to assist members in the scheduling of showings.  It’s called ShowingTime and it provides 24/7 scheduling right from listings in XL Paragon.

With ShowingTime you can:

  • Add scheduling links to your listings.
  • Use the ‘Schedule a Showing’ link to request showings on other agents’ listings.
  • Customize your own feedback form to send to showing agents.
  • Take advantage of automated notification options, including email, text, and voice.
  • Use the ShowingCart to select multiple listings and send showing requests with the push of one button.

Getting Started:

  • ShowingTime must be turned on.  A Broker or Office Administrator can turn the feature on for all office listings, or the Listing Agent can do so for all of his/her own listings.
  • Default preferences can be set for appointment type and how agents prefer to be notified of showing requests, confirmations, and feedback (email, text, or voice). Default preferences can be set on an office wide basis in Office Setup by the Broker/Admin, or individually by agents in their Agent Setup.
  • Listing Setup lets you configure the interactive calendar to indicate what times a listing can be shown and add any specific showing instructions. You can also change any of the default preferences on an individual listing (such as the appointment type).

Once the feature is turned on, the Schedule a Showing button will appear in XL Paragon on Full Reports. Showing agents can see available times and send showing requests to the listing agent or office via their preferred notification method(s) – email, text, or voice.

Set up ShowingTime through XL Paragon:

  • To turn on the feature and set preferences go to the XL Paragon Toolkit and click on “ShowingTime Office Preferences” (for Brokers/Admins) or “ShowingTime Agent Preferences” (for Agents).
  • To customize a listing with specific times or instructions, go to XL Paragon Listing Maintenance and click on “Set up ShowingTime” from the Action list. This can also be done by selecting “Listing Setup” within ShowingTime Office Preferences or ShowingTime Agent Preferences.

When a listing is in more than one MLS
For members who have a listing in more than one MLS, you can merge the listings in ShowingTime allowing you to consolidate a listing’s data into one primary listing record. This means combined listing activity and feedback on a single page, and a combined showing calendar, making it easier to access and track showings. For instructions on how to merge listings in ShowingTime, click here.

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