Supra iBox & Key System

Supra Contact Information:
Emergency Update Code: 1-888-968-4032
Supra Key Support: 1-877-699-6787

eKEY App Compatible Operating Systems (PDF)

About the Supra iBox System

Why use an electronic iBox System from Supra?

  • Helps agents better serve their clients by giving them greater flexibility and control over access to listing keys.
  • Provides a reliable system for security during the real estate selling process.
  • Tracks buyer’s agent showings.
  • Works with any Supra key.
  • Allows three different access times to better fit your client’s schedule.

Key Options:

An eKEY is a networked key that allows you to open keyboxes and records each access. The eKEY software can be loaded directly into a compatible smartphone, and therefore gives you the benefit of an all-in-one tool (that means one less device to carry). With eKEY service, showing agents can send buyer feedback to listing agents after a showing. Listing agents can use their eKEY to program iBox features including setting access hours (separate hours can be designated for weekday, Saturday, or Sunday), changing shackle codes, and sending specific showing notes, listing highlights, and business card details to the iBox.

eKEY service is billed to members on a monthly basis from Supra. The monthly fee for an eKEY must be paid by automatic monthly debits on a credit or debit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and debit cards with the VISA/MC logo).

eKEY Costs
Monthly service fee (billed on the 13th): $13.03 plus tax
One-time Activation fee: $50.00 plus tax

How to Purchase a Supra iBox

Supra iBoxes are assigned to the Designated Realtor of Member Offices and can be purchased with a Broker’s check or can be billed to the Broker Office with written authorization. To authorize agents to purchase Supra iBoxes, or to change/obtain Shackle Codes, the Designated Realtor/Broker Manger should complete and return a signed Keybox Authorization Form to the NJMLS.

iBoxes are $106.00 each (including tax)

Designated Realtors may have Supra iBoxes delivered by courier to their office. The online order form is available under the Listing Maintenance tab in XL Paragon for Brokers only. Choose the “Order Lockboxes” option, select the number of lockboxes, and submit the form. Boxes will be delivered as follows:

  • Order up to 5 boxes for a $10 delivery charge.
  • Orders placed Monday through Thursday by 11:00am will be delivered the next business day.
  • Orders placed on Friday will be delivered on Monday.
  • Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be delivered on Tuesday.
  • A signature will be required at delivery.
  • Call the NJMLS for pricing on larger orders.

Additional Supra Information

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