zipForm MLS-Connect®

zipForm® Plus is a transaction and document management system available through New Jersey Realtors that lets you create, e-sign, and store forms related to a transaction. NJMLS makes it easier for members to use this free service to create transactions with information that originates from the NJMLS system. Through our integration with zipForm MLS-Connect®, members can send listing paperwork or push listing data from our MLS system into a zipForm® transaction folder automatically without having to login between systems. This time-saving solution lets you quickly auto-populate contracts and create forms and gives you a streamlined experience when navigating between systems. This feature is a free, value-added service provided to NJMLS members.

Look for these two integration points to Start Contract and Send to zipForm® Plus:

Start Contact (or Lease) right from a listing.
To initiate the process, click on the “Start Contract” (or “Start Lease”) link located at the top of all Full Reports. The first time you do, you will see activation screens which you will need to click through. Once you complete this initial process you will be able to use to push data from our MLS system to zipForm® Plus on the New Jersey Realtor site. You will also have the option to pull listing data from our MLS system when you’re in the zipForm® Plus platform by simply entering the NJMLS number. So, no matter which site you’re on, you can populate contracts and forms with NJMLS listing data.

Send to zipForm® Plus to e-sign listing paperwork.
Once you’ve used the Create Listing Agreement or Create COS/Withdrawal Form feature to create and save your listing paperwork, you will have the option to Send to zipForm® Plus for e-signing.