Training Information

Whether you want training in NJMLS system basics or specialized tools, the NJMLS is proud to offer our members extensive programs which currently meet virtually, via live webinar. Training is offered free to our members!

To register for a webinar, login to XL Paragon, go to Desktop > System Links > Register for Classes > Register by Date and Location, and follow the prompts to register for a selected class or use the links posted in the carousel messages on the Desktop.


NJMLS System Core Classes
(Orientation must be completed before taking any additional classes)

Orientation Webinar – Required for new members to have access to the XL Paragon system
Orientation is designed to provide new agents with an introduction to the NJMLS Rules and Regulations, the basics of using the XL Paragon system, and instruction on the Supra eKEY/KeyBox system. New agents MUST complete the course to obtain a password and receive access to the XL Paragon system.

Orientation Webinar Part II
This optional class enhances the basics covered in the Orientation Webinar, which must be completed before registering for Part II. Learn how to set up Watch Lists and Hotsheets, set up auto-emails for your buyers and generate a Comparative Market Analysis report for your sellers. Also, get an overview of the Realist and Remine PRO tools for researching and creating mailing or contact lists. Finally, get an overview of the Mobile Options available for NJMLS members.

Back to Basics Webinar
This workshop is designed for agents who feel they need some additional help with some of the topics that were covered in Orientation. The instructor focuses on the functions of Listing Maintenance within the XL Paragon system. Subjects covered include using the Create Listing Agreement feature, publishing a listing in the system, using the block and lot autofill, copying your listings, modifying a listing, and making status changes, price changes, and extensions. Also covered are searching for listings within the XL Paragon system and viewing hit activity on your listings. Bring your questions; this is a great time to get answers!

Cloud CMA Webinar
Cloud CMA is a comparative market analysis and presentation product integrated into XL Paragon. It is an alternative to our traditional CMA product and gives users the ability to create and present attractive, customized CMA Listing Presentations, Live CMA for Virtual Presentations, Buyer’s Tours, Property Reports, and Property Flyers from any device. This webinar focuses on how to access Cloud CMA from XL Paragon, how to create and edit the various reports that are offered, and how to customize your agent profile.

Prospecting and Client Connect Webinar
This workshop focuses on step-by-step instruction on using the Prospect Function in XL Paragon, which allows you to monitor listings within specified areas on behalf of your customers. Topics covered include adding a Prospect Search, using the Run Matches screen to check a Prospect’s activity, reviewing Prospect Desktop alerts, changing and deleting Prospects, and Reverse Prospecting. An overview of the Prospect auto-email interface, Client Connect, is also covered, detailing how to organize and comment on listings.

Connect with NJMLS! Webinar
This webinar, held on the first Monday of the month, provides a quick update on recent enhancements and changes in the NJMLS system. Take a few minutes to keep informed and get the most out of the system tools your membership provides!

Tracking Tools Webinar
This workshop gives a brief overview of the top tracking tools within XL Paragon that are used to monitor individual listings or market areas. Learn how to monitor with watch lists and hotsheets. Keep your customer updated on listing hit activity, track showings, and provide update reports on tours and open houses.

What’s Your Preference Webinar
Keep your contact information up to date and learn how to utilize User Preferences in XL Paragon. Topics covered include how to change your agent photo, customize settings, and create an agent page that will be viewable by consumers on our public site,


NJMLS Specialized Tools
(Orientation must be completed before taking additional classes below)

Tax, Flood, & Foreclosure Data Webinar (Realist)
Realist, integrated into XL Paragon, gives you a more complete property picture by combining tax and public records with NJMLS listing data and market trends, all in a more robust interface that makes it simple to search, view, and report your results. Learn how to run a Realist search by address, property details, or using drawing tools on a map. Also covered is how to search for foreclosure activity, create labels, and review details of the Realist reports including Market Trend, Comparables, Tax, Flood, and Zoning Maps, and Sell Score Indicator.

Creating Labels with Realist Webinar
This workshop provides an overview of how to access property records via the Realist Search and utilize the address information to create labels for mailing. Learn how to run advanced searches using criteria such as property class code, absentee owner, and deduction type, and how to search on a map. Learn to create labels for standard Avery sizes using a convenient wizard or generate an export for use with any custom mailing solutions.

zipForm® Plus Basics Webinar
Get an introduction to zipForm Plus. Topics covered include setting up account preferences, using the forms library, creating transactions, creating templates, importing listing data, and the e-sign process. Learn tips to save time when filling out a form as well as how to save clauses and add task reminders.

E-Sign Basics with zipForm® Plus Webinar
Learn the basics of e-signing using zipForm Plus. This tool allows you to easily upload a single or multi page document and create an e-sign session. This is a great alternative to in-person signing of documents and a tool that will provide a convenient option for both you and your client. Get a preview of tools to start a contract or lease via the NJMLS system as well as how to send listing paperwork into zipForms for signing.

ShowingTime Webinar
Learn how the ShowingTime appointment scheduling service can save you time and make the scheduling and tracking of your listing appointments more efficient. Learn the advantages of enabling ShowingTime on your listings and how to set up your preferences for communicating, whether you are showing or listing a property. Learn how to utilize the reports provided to update your seller, send notifications, pull the homeowner into the communication loop, set up time restrictions, and install and use the ShowingTime app.

Map Search Webinar
Learn how to get the most out of the full screen Map Search. Locate listings and view results in a list and on a map at the same time. Additional tools allow you to define a search by drawing a shape, customize your search screen, view results in a paginated mode, and plot layers on the map to show parcel boundaries, town boundaries, local amenities and more. Create and save custom search screens and defaults.

Intro to Remine PRO Webinar
Remine is a modern platform for real estate agents that provides enhanced data sets and filters to help agents target seller and buyer leads, as well as tools to engage with homebuyers and sellers. Learn how to get started using this product which is integrated into the XL Paragon system.

Intro to the NJMLS Mobile View Webinar
Get an introduction to the NJMLS Mobile View. Learn how to access XL Paragon tools in an easy-to-use interface designed for your phone or tablet. Run Listing and Tax Searches, view Hotsheets, Saved Searches, Saved Listings, Watch Lists, Prospect Alerts, and monitor your listings for simple updates and more.

Intro to the NJMLS APP Webinar
Get NJMLS listing information on the go! Learn how to install the NJMLS app and get an overview of the features it provides including search, mapping, and appointment scheduling tools.