Winter Newsletter 2018

Here is the latest issue of the NJMLS newsletter. It has also been emailed to you in a more mobile-friendly version. Enjoy!

Table of Contents:

Agent Direct Billing
New Board of Directors/Officers
Broker Approval on Listing Agreements & Withdrawals
New Prospecting Feature
eKEY Authorization Codes
Using the Watch List
2017 Enhancements
NJMLS Trivia
Year End Statistics
NJMLS Ad Campaign

Agent Direct Billing

Last year we surveyed Designated Realtors regarding how the NJMLS bills membership fees. Overwhelmingly, we heard that we should bill agents directly for their dues. As a result, the Board of Directors has voted to implement this change effective this year.

Agents will be billed on an annual basis, giving you the convenience of paying the MLS fee only once a year. Invoices will be emailed on June 1, 2018 and payments are due on June 30, 2018. A link will be provided in XL Paragon, so credit card payments will be able to be made online.

As the billing date approaches, we will make additional information available.

New Board of Directors/Officers

Please welcome your 2018 Board of Directors and Officers:

Annekee Brahver-Keely, President
Eileen O’Driscoll, Vice President
Bill Gilsenan, Treasurer

Gene Amsel
Dorothea Bello
Mary Davis
Randy Douglass
Glenn Elliot
John Falcone
Dave Fanale
Alireza Memar
Marc Stein
Christopher Tausch
Randy Wine

Yesenia Frias
Matthew O’Connor

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Coming Soon! Broker Approval on Listing Agreements and Withdrawal Forms

We will soon be providing another Broker tool to help make it easier to manage Listing and Withdrawal paperwork.

Listing Agreements:  Brokers will be able to activate a new feature in XL Paragon, prompting agents with an alert to upload a copy of the listing agreement when it is published in the system. The agreement will then be sent to the Broker for review via the email address we have on record. Turning on this feature will not delay the publishing of a listing; it simply allows the Broker to view the paperwork to ensure proper completion and execution.

Email Notification on New Listings:  Brokers will be able to activate an option for agents in their office that will send an email to the broker and office administrator (optional) whenever an agent adds a new listing. This email will include a link to the Full Report of the new listing.

Withdrawal Access:  Additionally, for Brokers, we will be adding a feature that allows them to manage their agents’ access to withdraw listings unconditionally or conditionally.

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Realist offers more than basic tax data and maps. It is a robust search tool that provides results with a deep level of integrated data on properties, including flood zones, foreclosure, assessment and tax information:

  • The unique ability to search on a combination of listing and tax fields. For example, you can search for properties that recently expired in NJMLS and use the addresses to create labels or an export for mailing. You can even determine in Realist whether a property has already been relisted.
  • Search based on a map to create labels and export for mailings. You can search for tax records in Realist by drawing a shape on the map. Search for residential properties within a radius of your newly sold listing or use the polygon tool to outline a specific neighborhood. The results can be used for comparables in a Market Analysis or to create labels for a mailing.
  • Take a new look at the data! With Realist you have the ability to view statistical data like market trends, units sold, average sale price in a town in a visual way as an overlay on the map.
  • You can also plot recent sales (all sales including those sold outside of the MLS) or distressed properties to get a better idea of the activity taking place in the local area.

New Prospecting Feature

Client Connect is the interactive page that your customers link to when they receive Prospect emails. This page displays properties that match the search criteria that you have set up for them.

One of the features of this page is the ability for you and your customer to message each other about these listings. We have made an enhancement to this:  you can now elect to have these messages emailed to you. You will also be able to respond via email (as will your customer) creating a communication string. The messages will still be available on the Client Connect page and when accessed via the XL Paragon Desktop alert. The reply will also be sent to the prospect via email as well.

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Did You Know eKEY Users Can Generate Their Own Authorization Code?

If you are a Supra eKEY user and you are going to be replacing your phone, you can generate your own Authorization code to update the app on your new device. No need to call the NJMLS, just follow these steps to obtain an eKEY authorization code from Mobile SupraWEB. Use the following steps PRIOR TO CLEARING YOUR OLD PHONE:

  1. Select the SupraWEB icon from within the eKEY app (on the 2nd page of icons), or navigate to on your smartphone.
  2. Enter eKEY serial number. The eKEY serial number can be found at the top of the eKEY home screen.
  3. Enter your 4-digit PIN.
  4. Select NJMLS from the drop-down list.
  5. Select Login.
  6. Select Authorization Code.
  7. The authorization code will be emailed to the email address on file with Supra.

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Are You Using the Watch List?

If your goal is to keep your eye on a single property (or properties) in XL Paragon, either by MLS # or by address, you should be using the Watch List. This feature is ideal if you are:
  • Tracking for price reduction for interested buyer, in which case you may want to add contact information for the buyer in the “notes” section so you have it readily available.
  • Watching for closing information for a potential new comp on a CMA.
  • Tracking accurate reporting information on a transaction you are involved with.
  • Tracking an off-market property that your buyer has shown interest in. Adding a property that is not listed to your Watch List adds it to a section labeled Watching for Future Listing.
  • Track activity in building complexes. Working often in named building complexes? You can set up your Watch List to notify you of listing activity in the entire complex in one simple set up.

The Watch List link is found at the top of Full and Customer Reports. If you want to add a property to your Watch List, click on the link. You will be given the option to either Watch by Address (which allows you to continue getting alerts if the property is relisted) or to Watch by MLS Number.

To access listings saved to your Watch List, use the “New Watch List Activity” button that is found under “My Updates” on the XL Paragon Desktop or for more convenience, activate the “Email Alerts” option to receive these notifications in your inbox.

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Enhancement Highlights of 2017

There were many new enhancements and features made to the XL Paragon system in 2017. Following are some of the highlights:

Mobile Friendly Customer Reports
Your clients can now view select reports — Customer Report, Customer Report with Brief Tax and History, and Customer with Brief Tax — in a Mobile friendly version when accessing them from a smart phone or tablet, making it easier to view listings:

  • Read listings and see photos more easily; no more pinching and zooming to view information.
  • View multiple listings on a map and listing photos in a gallery.
  • Tab to view tax and history information when these report types are sent.
  • View and print the original Customer Report format by clicking on “Printable Report.”
When selecting the report types to email, an asterisk (*) denotes which reports will display the mobile friendly version. In the Sent Email Log, a link to “View” appears next to these emails, letting you see what your client sees.

Hit Count Charts
Price Change: Price changes are displayed on the hit count charts. The upper chart shows the amount of the price change (increase or decrease) and the date the change occurred. The bottom chart shows the date the price change was made.

Watch List
A Building Complex may be added to your Watch List. The system will automatically watch for the same criteria it does for other properties added to your list such as a status change, first photo put on the listing, change in showing instructions, etc. but for any listing in that complex. This new feature can be found by going to Toolkit>Watch List; you may choose an area and complex name and it will be tracked whether there is a listing now or one is added in the future. A list of the complexes being watched will appear at the bottom of the Watch List screen and can be deleted at any time, which would also remove any listings being tracked from the list.

In-system Watch List Alerts
If a listing or property on your Watch List is changed while you are working in the XL Paragon system, a red alert button will pop-up in the lower left of the screen and will remain there until it is viewed. Click on the alert button, and you will be brought to the page with your saved Watch List properties. Alerts appear highlighted in yellow (changed listing) and green (new listing).

Email Alerts
A new choice has been added to menu options found in the XL Paragon Toolkit, called Alert Preferences. When checked, an email will be sent to the address we have on file to alert you that your listing is within 14 days of expiration, as well as choices to provide you with Open House Reminders and an email when people sign in at an open house.

Feature Groups in XL Paragon
Changes have been made to the Feature Groups section of listing load as follows:
  • Pool is no longer found in the Miscellaneous category; a new, separate Pool Features group has been created
  • Elevator was added to Miscellaneous choices
  • Cement Board has been added to Exterior choices
Residential, 2-4 Family, Condo/Coop/Townhouse
  • New Construction/Existing Foundation and New Construction/New Foundation were added to the Year Built/New Construction choices
  • Heating and Cooling were separated into two different feature groups
  • Cooling choices of Multi-zone, Attic Fan, and Ductless options were added
Share Your Listings on Select Social Media
Social Media links were added to the Listing Load screen in XL Paragon, giving you the option to send your listings to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. To use this enhancement, highlight the address of your listing in your Current Listings and click on the Social Media icon. You’ll be brought to a login page for that site. Once completed, some basic listing information and the first photo will display; you’ll be able to add additional information to your post before finalizing.

Property Search
  • An option to search Pool Y/N in the Residential Property Search
  • Some commonly used search filters from the “Additional Criteria” drop-down menu display in the main search box including: Pool Y/N, Fireplace, Cooling, Remarks, Map Search, and Lifestyle
  • Quick MLS Search: Street name added as a searchable field
  • Tax Reports: When viewing the Master, Detail, and Master with Full Reports, a checkbox allows you to “Keep This Property” in your results
  • Driving Route Report: The Driving Route Reports are generated using the new version of Bing software, giving the user details such as the current time it will take to get to a particular property, and alternate routes
  • Map Listing Reports: The number of listings available for mapping increased from a maximum of 30 to 100
Tax Search
Moved some commonly used search filters from the Additional Criteria drop-down menu to the main search box, including Sale Date, Sale Amount, Tax Amount Current Year, Taxable Value, Lis Pendens, and Eliminate Currently Listed options.

Office Calendars
An option is available allowing agents to subscribe to their Office Calendar. Simply click on the link below the calendar if you are on the device where you would like calendar entries sent, or select the Email Calendar Subscription link if you would like to send the calendar updates to a phone or other device. Open the email on that device, and click the link to subscribe.

Open House Sign-In Emails
An option to unsubscribe from the Open House sign in link emails is available in Toolkit>Alert Preferences.

Two new Quick Links were added to Contacts. The first allows you to sort your contacts by the first letter of the last name. The second gives you the ability to delete multiple contacts at the same time. A feature has also been added to create a contact group, allowing you to filter your contact list by Buyers, Sellers, or any custom group you would like to create. Go to Toolkit>Contacts>Maintain Groups. Add a Group Name and Description and submit.

New Session Icon
  This icon appears at the top of the XL Paragon desktop and allows you to open a new session in another tab, so you can “multitask” without risk of losing work done in the first session.

ShowingTime:  Available in the NJMLS Mobile App for Agents
NJMLS members logging into the Mobile App will now see a new Showing icon in the tool bar when viewing listing details. Plus a separate “Tax Info” tab now lets you access and view tax information more conveniently. For listings enabled with ShowingTime, clicking the Showing icon will open an appointment request window so that you can complete and submit your request. To return to the listing, close this message.
For listings not enabled with ShowingTime, a message window displays providing the phone number and email address of the listing agent so they can be contacted directly.

Link to Realtors Property Resource
A link to access data from the Realtors Property Resource (RPR) displays on Full Reports, One-Line Search results, and One-Line Tax Search Results. This link displays as a khaki green ‘P’ on these pages.
Members can use this tool to help research property information and prepare pricing recommendations. RPR provides property valuations using publicly available information (AVM) and a more refined valuation by adding MLS information to their model (RVM).
*Please note that the first time you access this link, you will need to login to RPR but once in the site, you will be able to choose an option to stay logged in for two weeks.

Immediate Alerts for Prospects
Prospects may be sent immediate email alerts so they are notified almost instantly when new listings become available that match scheduled search criteria. This feature is found in the Prospect Interval field.

Prospecting Options Page
This page was redesigned with a clean, dashboard format and sections have been reformatted with common items grouped together. The “Mail All Current Matches” options has been removed from this page; a pop-up message prompting you to make this choice will appear when saving a new Prospect.

Changes to Client Connect
Offer your customers the ability to run and save a simple property search in their Client Connect Page. You control this by turning on the Enable Property Search option on the set-up screen when you create a Prospect, or at the top of the Run Matches screen to add to Prospects that are already saved. Prospects will be informed of this new feature when you enable it for them. When your customer saves a search, you will receive an email that lists the search criteria they have saved.

End of Showing Notification
If you are set up to receive showing notifications, you will automatically receive End of Showing notifications as well.

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NJMLS Trivia!

Do you want to be entered into a drawing to win an Amazon gift card? Answer the following question; if you answer correctly, you’re automatically entered into our drawing and will be eligible to win the prize!

Only registered members of the NJMLS are eligible to enter; answers must be received by end of business on Friday, March 2nd. Remember to include your name, office name, and email address so we can contact you if you win. The winner’s name will be published in the next edition of the newsletter.

Answers may be emailed to Please include “Winter Trivia Contest” in the subject of the email.

Good luck, and here is the question:

In the Prospecting function in XL Paragon, where can you find the link to view the Collab Center** page?

**As a reminder, this is the way you view the Prospect matches the same way your customers do.

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Year End Statistics

2017 – Year End
All Residential, All Areas
% increase vs. 2016

Total Sold

Median Sale Price

Median Sale Price by County

Bergen Essex Hudson Passaic
$445,000 $345,000 $419,000 $305,000
+3.0% 0% +4.8% +5.2%

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NJMLS 2018 Ad Campaign

Coming soon! Look for our new ad campaign to speak to you! This new design will be featured on NJ Transit buses, PATH Trains, and NY Waterways Ferries.


Welcome New Offices

The NJMLS would like to welcome the following new offices. We look forward to working with you:

Bergen County
Mission Realty in Wyckoff and Designated Realtor, Ronald Pruiksma
Citilight Real Estate Group in Leonia and Designated Realtor, Audrey Lee
Keller Williams Park Views in Rutherford and Designated Realtor, Agnes Bowman
Thor Realty Group, LLC in Carlstadt and Designated Realtor, Irena D. Percia
United Real Estate North Jersey Luxury in Ramsey and Designated Realtor, Frances Kosier
Equity Realty Services in Park Ridge and Designated Realtor, Patrick Forde
Global Realty Investment LLC in Englewood Cliffs and Designated Realtor, Dominic Kang
Globalera Realty Associates in Hackensack and Designated Realtor, Ozgur Erdogan
Serhiy Fedorchenko Appraiser in Englewood

Essex County
Williams Realty Investment Group, Inc. in West Orange and Designated Realtor, Burnell Williams
West of Hudson Realty Group in Upper Montclair and Designated Realtor, Maria Vecchione
Option 1 Realty Group in Newark and Designated Realtor, Herney Botero
W Chery Real Estate, Inc. in Irvington and Designated Realtor, Wilfrid Chery
Alpha Property Management in Newark and Designated Realtor, Mellanice L. Miller
Northfield Appraisal Services in Bloomfield

Hudson County
Atlas Homes Realty, LLC in Jersey City and Designated Realtor, Harry Harikrishin
444 Realty Group in Jersey City and Designated Realtor, Jose Garza
Persaud Realty, LLC in Jersey City and Designated Realtor, Nelly G. Persaud
Dominant Properties in Jersey City and Designated Realtor, Natalie Miniard
The Jersey Real Estate Company in Hoboken and Designated Realtor, Margaret Ann Fasciano
RE/MAX Our Town Vista in Weehawken and Designated Realtor, Jason Ingram

Monmouth County
DeNese Realty, LLC in Long Branch and Designated Realtor, Denise Atlas
Kalian Real Estate, LLC in Atlantic Highlands and Designated Realtor, Bridget E. Haibach
Trump International Realty in Colts Neck and Designated Realtor, Darrell Roch
Engel & Volkers-Critelli Properties in Holmdel and Designated Realtor, Louis Critelli

Morris County
Coldwell Banker in Morristown and Designated Realtor, Jeffrey Bogert
Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Rand Realty in Morristown and Designated Realtor, Keith Kirkwood

Somerset County
HomeVue Real Estate, LLC in Bedminster and Designated Realtor, Julita Domanska
Quattro Group Realty in Green Brook and Designated Realtor, John A. Quattro

Union County
Guardian Real Estate in Summit and Designated Realtor, Glen Taylor
Samsel & Associates Real Estate Services in Clark and Designated Realtor, John Samsel
NextHome Royal Lion Realty in Springfield and Designated Realtor, Rosa Stimmler
Garden State Appraisal Service LLC in Clark

Orange County, NY
Fresh Start Realty, LLC in Goshen and Designated Realtor, Robert Hicks

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