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Annual Meeting for Designated Realtors

Designated Realtors are Invited to Attend the NJMLS Annual Meeting Virtually!

Please join us via Zoom on Tuesday, October 19th at 9:30AM for our Board of Directors Meeting and Presentation.

The presentation will include:

Raising the bar on standards, data integrity and system tools.
  • Review of NJMLS Membership Growth
  • Move to New Office and Sneak Peek
  • Review of Market Stats
  • Rule and Policy Changes in 2021
  • NJMLS System Updates
Designated Realtors may register using the link included in the email sent to you.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email from Zoom containing information about joining the meeting.

We look forward to you joining us virtually!


New Rule and System Change Regarding Modified Photos

A new rule and accompanying system change has been introduced related to modified photos on listings. The rule states that modified images may be used if the images portray an accurate representation of the property and are not deceptive to potential buyers. Altered images that change the accuracy of the property’s depiction or representation are prohibited. Modified photos will need to be designated as such in our system.

The following system change in Photo Maintenance will allow you to indicate if any listing photos are:

Virtually Staged Images (such as adding furniture in an empty room) OR
Virtually Enhanced Images (such as creating a twilight photo)

Photos are uploaded to the system as they always have been (you may still re-order and caption as necessary). Once you click on the "Finish" button, a new confirmation screen will display asking if any photos are virtually staged or enhanced. If the answer is "yes," the photo maintenance screen will display with options to choose "staged" or "enhanced." This choice is made per photo (so a choice for photos without modifications does not have to be made). Once submitted, selected photos are watermarked in our system with the chosen label.

The new photo maintenance screens which will display look like this:


The new rule can be found in our Rules and Regulations, as follows:

NJMLS Rules and Regulations
Section 1.20
Virtually Staged and Enhanced Images
Photos, virtual tours, and video (hereinafter referred to as images) may be modified using software to create a conceptual rendering of what the property could look like if certain items or elements were added or enhanced, so long as the images portray an accurate representation of the property and are not deceptive to potential buyers. Altering images that change the accuracy of the property’s depiction or representation is prohibited.

Modified images may include the following:
a)    Virtually Staged Images, such as images of furniture in an empty room or removal of non-fixed home elements or furnishings from a photo and replacing them with digital images of furnishings, mirrors, artwork, plants, etc.
b)    Virtually Enhanced Images, such as making a sky blue or creating a twilight photo.

Disclosure required: Disclosure of Virtually Staged or Virtually Enhanced Images is required by checking the “Virtually Staged” or “Virtually Enhanced” field, which will watermark the photo accordingly.

Note:  Virtually Altered Images are prohibited. This includes, but it not limited to: removing, altering, or adding permanent fixtures of the interior or exterior, modifying photos to exclude negative visual elements, or adding views from the property that do not exist.

The service may remove photographs, virtual tours, videos, or any other media that do not adhere to these Rules and Regulations.


ShowingTime WaitList Option

ShowingTime has just released a new feature, the Waitlist Option. If you’re trying to request an appointment to see a property that has heavy showing activity, this is a convenient way for you to be notified immediately when an appointment becomes available. When scheduling a showing, if you are having trouble finding an available time you can choose to join the waitlist. Simply tap or click the "Join Waitlist" button to learn how the process works, review and update your mobile number if needed, and then select Agree and Join Waitlist.


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The NJMLS Will Be Moving

The NJMLS is pleased to announce we will be moving to a new, more central location, making it easier for our members from all counties to access. The office, located in Saddle Brook, will also be the site of the Greater Bergen Realtors headquarters. Although there is not yet a confirmed move-in date, we anticipate the relocation will take place this fall and will update our members when a date is set.

Effective July 1, 2021, we are no longer located in Haworth, though mail may still be sent to P.O. Box U, Haworth, NJ 07641 until further notice. Our Lyndhurst office is currently closed as we prepare to move to our new location in Saddle Brook.


The NJMLS provides training, currently offered as webinars, on all services and products, during which we also discuss applicable rules and policies. Should you need to review any of our rules, regulations or policies, please call and we will be happy to assist you.


Our Mission Statement

To foster cooperation between REALTOR® members while providing
the highest quality data, tools, technology, and service.

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