New Feature:  Delayed Showings Display on Hotsheets

Agents may publish a listing with a “Delayed Showing,” meaning showings cannot begin on the listing start date but are delayed to a future date (i.e. repairs are being done on the property, photos are being taken, etc.). To make it easier for other NJMLS members to see if a new listing has a delay and when it can be shown, we have added a column in the New Listings section of Hotsheets labeled, “Showings Delayed Until,” which displays the showing date when there is a delay.


Reminder About Reporting Teams

NJMLS Rules require each member participating in a transaction to be listed in the appropriate co-listing or co-selling agent field in the MLS. The purpose of this requirement is to document all members who actively participated in the transaction.

A team structure was also established within our system so that all transactions by team members can roll up into Team Market Share Statistics. The purpose of team setup is to allow a team to advertise the combined sales activity and resulting rankings based on the transactions of all team members.

The existence of a team does not preclude the requirement to report all individual members who participated in the transaction on the listing itself.

In addition, NJMLS Rules state that advertisements which contain Market Share Statistics must indicate whether the ranking is based on individual, team, office, or company statistics, and must include all the search criteria used to determine the published ranking. The rule also states that competitors cannot be identified or inferred in the advertising, either by name or by any other identifiable characteristic.

Here are a few FAQs that may answer any additional questions:

Can a team advertise their sales or ranking if the team is not set-up in the NJMLS?
No, the team MUST first be registered with the NJMLS by having the Designated Realtor complete the team setup within our system prior to advertising.

How are teams created in the MLS system?
The Designated Realtor is required to create and manage teams. This can be done from the option labeled MANAGE OFFICE TEAMS included under ROSTER. This option allows the Designated Realtor to name the team, identify the team leader, and add team members.

How does being part of a team affect the display of listing and selling agents on a listing?
Listing and selling agents MUST be entered individually and appear on the listing. Being part of a team only allows for the transaction to be credited to the team in market share statistics.

How does this affect the reporting of statistics?
Any listing that has a team member included in the transaction will roll up in statistics to the TEAM SHARE report and will NOT be included in the INDIVIDUAL AGENT SHARE report. Reporting of team statistics is available in the Market Share Report by selecting TEAM SHARE in the report criteria.

How will this affect Circle of Excellence?
This change does not affect the Circle of Excellence report generated from our MLS. This report documents the transactions an agent participated in as reported in listings and is an addendum to the Circle of Excellence application submitted to the agent’s Board of Realtors. The final awarding of credits is controlled by the State Association, NJ Realtors.


NJMLS Features You May Not Have Tried — but Should!

The NJMLS strives to provide you with tools and resources that help streamline the work you do in our system. Here are a few “hidden gems” that may help you get to know what is available:
  • Search Bar:  The Search Bar displays at the top of the page in XL Paragon. Use this to search for an MLS number, an address, forms, or find something using a keyword. For example, if you’re looking to find the NJMLS Rules and Regulations or a specific MLS number, type it into the search field and you will be able to click on it to easily access what you need.

  • Help Video Library:  In addition to our live webinars, which cover everything from the introductory Agent Orientation, to system functionality such as Prospecting, and integrated products offered by the NJMLS as part of your membership, we also provide recorded videos which cover many of these topics and can be viewed at your convenience. When logged into XL Paragon, go to the “Links” section on the lower right hand side of the screen and click on Help Videos. Here you’ll be able to select the video you want to view, whether a new feature you want to get acquainted with or something you want to review from previous instruction.

Choose the video you want to view:

  • Member Tools Link:  You are provided with a number of helpful products as part of your NJMLS membership. Uncertain of what they are or what they do? Use the Member Tools link to connect to a page where you can read about what is available and connect to product pages to learn more about them.


Reminder Regarding Registering Administrative and Personal Assistants

As a reminder, administrative assistants and personal assistants must be registered as members of the NJMLS in order to work in the system. Please use the Administrative Member application found by going to Toolkit > Forms, Docs & Gen Info > Applications. If you have any questions, please reach out to our membership department at



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